Pro Profile – Mollie Bailey

Where are you based?     

Colorado Springs, Colorado. Also, a Honda Element for good chunks of time each year.

What is your career right now?

Guide Manager and Rock Climbing Guide at Front Range Climbing.
Tequila Sunrise (5.10d), Maverick Buttress, Long Canyon, Moab, Utah

How did you first fall in love with your sport?

I tagged along with some friends barely knowing rock climbing existed. Being with a supportive group in the beautiful Alabama hills instantly won me over.

What influenced your passion for the outdoors?

My dad is an outdoor enthusiast and always took us on big adventures. To him, we were never too young or small to camp, raft, hike, bike; or play street hockey and rollerblade (90s kid). We were always out having the time of our lives and that joy in the outdoors has always stuck with me.

Where do you escape when you are having a bad day?

I love taking my dogs out to play in water. Lakes, creeks, anywhere they can swim around and chase sticks. It always cheers me up.

With nature as your teacher, what has been your toughest lesson?

Nature isn’t a Disney movie. The weather doesn’t bend to your will.

What do you love most about being a guide?

I love teaching my favorite sport to anyone and everyone. Getting to climb outside most days as a job is a real treat that I still enjoy now 5 years and counting.

What is next on your project list right now?

I’m hoping to get on Zenyatta Entrada in the next couple weeks. Also I’m looking forward to getting on anything in Squamish this June.
Mollie and climbing partner Ally Rappel off of Wilson Arch

What are your essential pieces of gear that you cannot adventure without?

That would be my Chacos and my DMM cams.

Do you have any advice for guides who are just starting out?

Learn how to listen and don’t get complacent.

Mollie Bailey started climbing in 2011 in Sand Rock, Alabama. She quickly realized from those wonderful outings that an outdoor life was the one for her. She migrated to Colorado shortly after to pursue the outdoor lifestyle that’s overwhelmingly present in Colorado. She has been a Rock Climbing Guide since 2013; and loves to teach and share the world of climbing with everyone. You can find her on her days off with her two big dogs, chasing sunshine wherever possible, planning the next adventure.

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Mollie Bailey
Rock Climbing Guide :: Front Range Climbing

Mollie Bailey has been a Climbing Guide since 2013; and loves to teach and share the world of climbing with everyone. Currently she runs a Climbing and Canyoneering Guide Service in SE Utah. When the work season is over, she’s exploring new climbing areas with her partner and big dogs. Follow along @adventurethrulens

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