ProView – deuter Women’s Freescape Lite 24 SL

Snow or shine, the dueter Freescape Lite 24 SL backpack has you covered! It provides enough space to carry all the essentials while also maintaining a low profile fit for comfort on and off the lift. Additionally, the environmentally friendly waterproofing guarantees a dry interior no matter how slushy that spring ski day becomes. 

deuter Women's Freescape Lite 24 SL

Product Name: deuter Women's Freescape Lite 24 SL

Product Description: The Freescape Lite SL offers a high level of comfort tailored to the female anatomy, robust, extremely lightweight material and safe, easy handling. Thus, the additional side zipper opening provides quick access to the equipment inside, while skis, snowboard or crampons remain fixed thanks to the variable attachment straps outside. The separate safety compartment for probe and shovel is immediately accessible in case of emergency.

Offer price: $185 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Eco-Friendly


 The women’s fit of the pack allowed for comfortability and adjustability!



  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable 
  • Pockets, pockets, pockets!
  • SUPER waterproof


  • Not super conducive to slender body types

In Northwest Montana, the powder is plentiful, and the stoke is high. Although, the stoke is not always high when working with teenage girls from a therapeutic boarding school; truth be told, there are often more students on the bunny hill in sour moods than there are out shredding the fresh powder. However, one can be more prepared for the unexpected challenges when equipped with a reliable backpack. I was able to test the deuter Freescape pack at Whitefish Mountain in various weather conditions throughout the season. In fact, I took the pack with me on some of the coldest days on the mountain (-30 degree wind chill) and some of the warmest days (36 degrees on the summit); I had the pack with me when it was dumping all kids of different snow from super light and fluffy to heavy and wet. The pack continuously provided a safe haven for all my essentials no matter the weather, and it is not showing any signs of wear despite the heavy use. Although the pack is a mere 24 liters, it has enough space for all the work essentials: layers, extra gloves, a full water bladder, my wallet, an obnoxious amount of snacks, first aid supplies, a bunch of tampons and pads–and there was still that extra bit of space for a student’s jacket if they got too warm! 


As a 5’5”, 120lb female, the women’s fit allows the pack to sit more comfortably on my hips and shoulders as it is a shorter frame. Overall, it is a very comfortable pack, and I did not mind wearing it all day while on the job or adventuring on my own. However, there are no size options for this pack as it is made to fit anyone; unfortunately, this means that if you have a more slender frame (as I do), there are a lot of straps that end up flapping everywhere because the pack has to be tightened so much to fit. Even with full ski layers on, I had to cinch the waist down all the way for it to stay on my hips. Even adding two different size options for the pack might mitigate this issue a bit instead of having a single pack size for all body types. 


Personally, I love how dueter has a bright color option for this pack in addition to a milder choice. On the mountain, visibility can deteriorate quickly, and this pack in bright orange would be an easier identifier in those kind of conditions. That being said, the “tin-shale” color of my pack is easy on the eyes and doesn’t detract from the beauty of the surroundings quite as much. Good call having both options, deuter! 


A HUGE pro of this pack is the many features! Although this pack can be decked out for touring and comes with straps to carry skis, boards, ice axes, avalanche gear, and crampons, I did not utilize this feature because the nature of my work is mainly to take students to the ski resort every weekend. Because of this, my favorite feature was the MANY pockets. I was able to have a home for various items (snacks, medications, keys, phone, etc.) which made the pack really easy to use. The phone pocket is accessible without having to take the pack off which is perfect for emergency chairlift texts. Additionally, the pocket in the “brain” of the pack has a little key clip for safe keeping.


One key feature of this pack is how lightweight it is (1150g) without sacrificing comfort. I was able to wear this pack all day with no complaints. 


Although this pack performed super well at the ski resort day in and day out, it has the capacity to provide much more than that. Truly, this pack is built as a lightweight companion for any snowy mountain adventure! Personally, I am a huge fan of long XC ski days, so I take this pack with me on the trails as well!


Despite the lightweight construction of the Freescape pack, it has proven itself to be durable and reliable. It continues to be extremely waterproof, and it has no rips or tears after heavy use. I also really value the construction choice of having a built-in area for a water bladder as constant access to hydration is extremely important when out with students all day!

Friendliness to the Earth

dueter is making a constant effort to protect the environment. This pack is PFC free and is instead using DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to provide that extremely waterproof outer. In this way, dueter is reducing harmful chemical contamination in the environment. The company also has a repair service that is committed to repairing all packs free of charge regardless of how old or used the pack is! dueter puts it this way: “Our packs are built to summit mountains, not landfills”. 

The Final Word

The dueter Freescape 24 SL backpack is an essential companion for anyone spending lots of time on snow-capped mountains. This pack is lightweight, comfortable, and extremely durable/ waterproof. It has many features that set it apart from other snow packs such as its many pockets and its ability to hold a variety of different gear from a snowboard to avalanche essentials. The only thing I would add is another size option, so the fit is more precise.

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Haley King
Adventure Supervisor :: Therapeutic Boarding School

Haley King works as an Adventure Supervisor at a therapeutic boarding school in Northwest Montana. She spends her time there taking students on climbing, hiking, biking, and skiing adventures—a vital aspect of their therapeutic journey. Seeing people grow is Haley’s favorite thing; additionally, she loves good conversation, a well-made pour-over, and early mornings.

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