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Imagine you’ve made it to the end of your favorite hike in the woods and begin to set up your Eno hammock. You find a perfect pair of trees that is evenly spaced and facing a gorgeous view of the elevation you just tackled on your hike. You kick off your hiking boots and make yourself comfy in your hammock — but you start to get hungry, thirsty, and a little chilly. You simply reach above you and grab a few snacks, crack open a summit beer, and put on your puffy jacket — but how? The Talon hammock organizer allows easy access to everything you might need on your hammock adventures right above your head. No more hopping out of your hammock in your socks because your necessities are out of reach. It’s like having a night stand next to your bed but better because you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

ENO Talon Hammock Organizer

Product Name: ENO Talon Hammock Organizer

Product Description: Designed to conveniently organize your essentials, the Talon quickly sets up above your hammock or at your campsite to ensure easy access day or night. Large zippered compartment safely and conveniently stows your necessities Stash your water bottle or packable items in the side-access stretch mesh pocket Slidable organizer designed to move freely and securely across ridgeline as needed No-Knots-Needed ridgeline quickly sets up with built-in tensioner (25' / 7.6m) Included stuff sack doubles as extra hanging accessory pocket

Offer price: MSRP: $34.95

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features


I truly love all of the extensive features of this hammock organizer- the numerous pockets, the functional ridgeline system, and the durable fabric. My favorite feature by far is the versatility with it being compatible with any hammock. I wish the ridgeline system was a little bit easier to figure out but with more practice I know it will become a seamless set up process.



  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Practical
  • Lots of storage


  • The suspension tightening system is a little tricky to use
  • Can’t store a lot of heavy objects

I currently live in Park City, Utah surrounded by mountains that serve as my sanctuary and playground. Fall might be my favorite season in Park City. The mountain bike trails are perfect and the trees are beautiful, exploding with a bright array of red and yellow. I spend most of my days mountain biking, but when I need to slow down a bit, I love hiking. I primarily used the ENO DoubleNest Hammock and Talon organizer in Park City hiking locally in fall weather conditions. I did not have the opportunity to sleep in the hammock overnight, but I can imagine that when I do, it will be a very convenient set up for sleeping. I used the Talon organizer to conveniently hold my water bottle, beer, jacket, book, snacks, keys, chapstick, etc.

To be transparent, before receiving the ENO hammock, I had already previously owned a hammock, but I would hardly use it. When I would think about hammocking, I was always reminded of how much of a process it is to get in and out of the hammock when you had to go get something. But now, with the Talon hammock organizer, I can hammock and have everything I need at my fingertips. I took my roommate’s dog on a hike and not only did she fit perfectly with me in the doublenest hammock, but she stayed in it longer than she normally does, because I put some dog treats in the Talon hammock organizer.

In the near future, I am planning to take some desert trips in southern Utah when I need to escape the snow. I will use the ENO Doublenest hammock and Talon organizer for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surrounding red rocks. I also plan to use the ENO setup next summer for backpacking and camping here in the Uinta Mountains. The ENO straps are incredibly lightweight and so is the Talon addition, making it a perfect sleep system alternative for backpacking. I picture myself storing a headlamp, my phone, extra layers, a water bottle, chapstick, and hand warmers in the Talon hammock organizer when I end up sleeping in my ENO hammock.


The Talon hammock organizer fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 4.75oz. It is compatible with any hammock, but pairs best with the ENO double nest hammock in my opinion. The stuff sack that the ridgeline and organizer fit in doubles as an extra accessory hanging pocket. You can fit your phone or other small accessories in it, but I prefer to use the stuff sack pocket for a beer. 

ENO makes the Talon hammock organizer in two beautiful and natural colors: marine/sea glass and melon/olive. I received the melon/olive color and love how natural it looks when hung up among the trees.

The Talon organizer has a large zippered compartment for storing necessities securely. On the back, there is a large stretch mesh pocket perfect for storing a water bottle or a jacket. The top of the organizer has velcro that goes over the ridgeline, allowing you to slide the organizer to the perfect spot.

The Talon organizer is constructed with FreeWave® 70D Nylon material making it incredibly durable. Whenever you have a dog around and it stands up to biting and clawing, you know it’s durable. It can also withstand abrasions from trees when hanging it up and hiking if it is attached to the outside of your pack. Despite it being fairly small, the Talon organizer can hold a lot of items, including heavy items like a full water bottle and a book. The ridgeline cord is made of polyester and stays secure when hung with a full Talon organizer. The mesh is also made of polyester and is strong even when stretched with multiple items. When I read about the Talon organizer online, I was expecting the ridgeline system to be difficult to set up, but I was surprised by how simple it was — no knots necessary.

The Final Word

I truly love all of the extensive features of this hammock organizer — the numerous pockets, the functional ridgeline system, and the durable fabric. My favorite feature by far is the versatility with it being compatible with any hammock. I wish the ridgeline system was a little bit easier to figure out but with more practice I know it will become a seamless set up process. I also noticed that when you store a lot of heavy objects, the organizer droops quite a bit, but could probably be fixed by tightening the ridgeline system with practice. I also wish there were more color options because why not! I would honestly give the Talon hammock organizer a 5 star rating. It is a beautifully designed organizer that is not only functional, but also very durable. It makes sleeping in or hanging out in a hammock so much more convenient and accessible. The Talon hammock organizer is truly a peanut butter to jelly match made in heaven with the ENO hammock.

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