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My alarm goes off at 6am and I jump out of bed, ready for the adventure that lies ahead. I make a cup of coffee, heat up a breakfast burrito, load up the car, and head east toward the Uinta mountains in Utah. My anticipation and excitement turns my foot to lead, but the storm and low visibility slow me down on the road. With a snow report of 12 inches in the last 24 hours I was elated to see the storm continuing to deliver. After checking the avalanche conditions and picking a low angle destination, my friends and I set off on our trek. After miles of skinning and traversing across a cold and exposed ridgeline, I switch over my splitboard to ride mode, and then 3, 2, 1, “dropping”! Powder instantly goes up to my knees and covers my entire board. Not only was I able to charge hard through the powder, I was also able to maintain stability and an edge on the skin track out. Hoots and hollers and smiles were not in short supply on that day and it was all made possible by the Kemper Rampage splitboard. It was truly a day to remember.

Kemper Rampage Split

Product Name: Kemper Rampage Split

Product Description: The Rampage Split was designed for deep powder but made to be versatile in a wide variety of snow conditions. This deck floats, carves, slashes, and butters effortlessly so you can enjoy the ride. You'll feel the performance in deep snow while staying afloat with superior maneuverability.

Offer price: MSRP: $800.00

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


I truly love the versatility of this board and that is my favorite aspect of it (besides the bright, fun topsheet). It is not only surfy and floaty in powder, but it is also a beast on icy mountain terrain. Having a board do it all is also a minimalistic approach to owning as little gear as possible. 



  • Stable
  • Holds a good edge
  • Versatile (good in a variety of snow conditions)


  • Can be slow
  • Zero camber is not very playful

I currently live in Park City, UT at the base of the largest ski resort in the United States and have gotten over 70 days on the slopes so far this season — which has been a record breaking winter in terms of snow totals. I have been snowboarding for almost 20 years now and continue to push myself to become a better rider every day. I got into the backcountry scene four years ago and have become obsessed with the therapeutic yet challenging nature of the sport. I was excited to try the Kemper Rampage splitboard because it has a different profile than any other board I’ve ridden. From my friends, I had heard that flat profile boards are incredibly versatile, so I was excited to put the Kemper Rampage splitboard to the test. I not only got a numerous amount of powder days given the incredible winter, but I was also able to get warmer spring turns later in the season as well. I went to all my favorite places to tour in Utah with the Kemper Rampage splitboard including the Uintas, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Summit Park. I was impressed by how it performed in both powder and icy snow.

In the near future, I am planning to tour to the top of Jupiter peak from the base of Park City resort after the resort closes. I think the flat profile will increase skinning traction so I can tackle a big uphill mission with ease. I also think the zero camber aspect will allow me to carve hard, big mountain terrain and variable spring conditions. I am super stoked to have a bomber board to add to my quiver — one that is stable, durable, and versatile. 


I feel like Kemper prides themselves in their iconic, bold brand. The Kemper Rampage is by far the funkiest and brightest board in my quiver. The top sheet design is so fun, creative, and bright; it makes a hell of a statement on the skintrack and always gets so many compliments. The bottom of the board is solid sky blue with a sleek white Kemper logo that compliments the loud top sheet. I am also obsessed with the Kemper Klimblite skins, which give a nostalgic 90’s bowling alley vibe to their design. Looking at the Kemper Rampage board standing out in the corner of my room, it’s almost impossible to resist taking it out for a tour — the fun myriad of shapes and colors on the board reminds me how much fun I have on that board. 


I truly love all the extensive features that the Kemper Rampage splitboard offers. I typically purchase snowboards that are on the stiffer side because my riding style is aggressive and I ride big mountain terrain. The 7/10 flex is not too stiff, but still allows me to charge steep lines and carve hard. The flat profile and zero camber aspect was perfect for floating in powder but also holding a good edge with the increased contact with the snow. I also love the directional twin shape because it allows me to ride switch to improve my riding skills.


The weight of the Kemper Rampage was a little on the heavier side for me, but in all honesty I believe the reason is because the board is on the bigger side for my size. I am 5’10” and the board is 160cm. My all mountain resort board is 156cm for reference, so someone who is a bit taller and weighs more than me would not have an issue with the size and weight of this board. I also noticed that the Kemper Klimblite skins are incredibly light — the lightest skins I’ve ever owned. This makes a big difference on the skin track and does not add too much additional weight in your pack on the descent.


Riding a zero camber board was definitely a different experience. I have only ever ridden camber/rocker hybrid boards that have less contact with the snow and provide more pop. When riding the Kemper Rampage on a powder day I was surprised by its ability to float on steep terrain, while still being able to slash turns with ease. It’s hard not to get face shots when riding this board- it is very maneuverable. It feels very stable when carving hard packed, icier snow as well. The zero camber offers more contact with the snow providing a good edge hold. This feature however can make the board feel a little slow on flatter slopes. I was also able to test this board in warm spring conditions, and the 7/10 flex really helped carve through heavy snow. Because of the flat profile, I did notice that it has significantly less pop than the other boards I’ve ridden in the past. Just speaking from a personal preference, I like boards that have more camper and are more playful, but this board would be perfect for someone who is just getting into the backcountry scene. 


I got a solid two months of snowboarding on this splitboard and was able to test it in a wide variety of conditions. The Kemper Rampage is tough and is a beast on ice. On some tours the board accumulated ice and by hitting the two planks together, the ice fell off and I was able to better attach them together before descending. I also like the construction of the splitboard — the flip locks at the top and bottom are sturdy and functional. I will say the locks are difficult to snap securely in place when your fingers are super cold or if there’s too much ice on your board.

In my opinion, I felt like this board was better in spring conditions than powder just because of the profile. It felt a little slow in powder just due to the increased contact with the snow. It did however carve well on steep angled powder faces. I also just prefer a more playful and poppy board in powder. The Kemper Rampage splitboard holds an edge better than any board I’ve ridden. It is incredibly stable on harder packed and icier terrain and maneuvers turns with ease.

The Kemper Rampage splitboard fully met the product description I read online. Before receiving the board the Kemper website mentioned that the board would have a 7/10 flex, flat profile, and directional twin shape. The topsheet design was a lot brighter and more colorful in person than on the website — it is so bright that it feels like it’s glowing. It’s so fun! I also read on the website that the Kemper Rampage was designed for deep powder but was made to be able to tackle a variety of terrain and conditions. Kemper described it as being maneuverable and able to hold an edge well. The product met the description, but I personally felt like it performed better in non-powder conditions. The Kemper Rampage splitboard still carved well in powder, but I preferred how it held an edge on hard packed snow.

The Extras

The Kemper Rampage splitboard and the Kemper Klimblite skins go together like peanut butter and jelly. The skins were so easy to cut, are incredibly light, and came with skin savers and a nice carrying case. They also have the best glide to stick ratio I’ve ever experienced compared to other brands of skins. I also purchased the Spark R&D puck set and second board kit for the hardware. I have Spark pucks for my other splitboard and they are super durable and work so well. My splitboard bindings are the Burton Hitchhiker bindings and they pair well with the Spark R&D puck set in addition to being light and easy to use.

If you’re considering buying this product know that it is a zero camber board so it will feel different than the average snowboard on the market that most people have ridden. This board has good stability for beginners and if you are looking for a versatile board that performs well in a variety of conditions. It is also important to know what size splitboard to get. I prefer my splitboard to be a few centimeters longer than my resort board, but going too big will make the board too heavy and harder to handle on the mountain. The Kemper Rampage splitboard does not come with the Kemper Klimblite skins, but I highly recommend purchasing them in addition to the board. They are extremely light, easy to cut, perform exceptionally on the skin track, and have a rad pattern on the bottom.

The Final Word

I truly love the versatility of this board and that is my favorite aspect of it (besides the bright, fun topsheet). It is not only surfy and floaty in powder, but it is also a beast on icy mountain terrain. Having a board do it all is also a minimalistic approach to owning as little gear as possible. The Kemper Rampage was a little heavy for me, but a 160cm board is also on the bigger end of boards in my quiver. I also think the clips at the top and bottom could use some improvement. When it is really cold, it is very hard to snap those clips securely in place. The board was a little slow in flatter terrain and in sticky spring conditions, but that is due to the flat profile, so keep that in mind.

I would honestly give the Kemper Rampage a 4 star rating. I personally prefer a board that has more camber, but the profile would be perfect for a beginner backcountry rider or someone who wants a versatile board. The colors and design on the top sheet are so funky and truly make the Kemper Rampage a unique splitboard that is sure to turn heads on the skin track. I love the durability and the Kemper Klimblite skins pair so well with the board. It isn’t the most fun I’ve had on a splitboard, due to the lack of camber, but it does what it is made to do pretty damn well. The Kemper Rampage will take you through powder covered peaks, heavy spring snow, icy faces, and everything in between — a truly an all-in-one beast of a board. Buy it for your first splitboard or add it to your quiver — it won’t disappoint.

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