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The Exped Megamat 15 LXW is truly the king of comfort when it comes to sleeping in the outdoors. Wherever adventure may call you, a good night’s sleep is a crucial part of enjoying your outdoor escapades to the fullest. I tested the LXW version of this mat — long, extra wide. 

Exped MegaMat Max 15

Product Description: EXPED’s famous MegaMat built 50% thicker! The 15 cm/6" air-core-channeled foam allows the mat to be soft-inflated for an enhanced cradling of the body. Combined with 50-denier stretch top fabric, MegaMat Max offers an unbelievably soft and supple sleep platform. In addition, vertical sidewalls (3-D construction) provide edge-to-edge comfort and gap-free coupling of mats. EXPED's extra-large deflation valve ensures fast deflation and the included top-loading SideWinder stuff sack eases packing and carries over the shoulder. Mini Pump included for inflation top-off. Repair kit included.

Offer price: MSRP: $299.00 - $429.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Comfort


The Megamat 15 LXW is truly the Rolls Royce of sleeping pads.  Its open cell memory foam provides exceptional comfort that is well worth the weight and space of this bulkier self-inflating camp bed. Weather car camping, base camping, or van-lifing, this Megamat will make sure you’re sleeping in comfort. 



  • Like sleeping on a cloud while surrounded by puppies (Translation: freaking comfortable)
  • One-way inflation and deflation valves


  • Bulky
  • Long inflation time

In testing the Megamat, I slept on it for over 30 days in a row! Testing areas included Lake Powel, Flagstaff, Phoenix, van rooftops, and even the floor at home. This included nights ranging from 25-70 degrees Fahrenheit. As an outdoor enthusiast, professional, and mountain/climbing guide, I have spent my fair share of nights in the elements using a wide range of sleeping pads. In the past year and a half, I have spent well over 150 days sleeping outside. I’m happy to say the Megamat 15 LXW has been the most comfortable sleeping pad I’ve used by a long shot.


If you haven’t figured this out already, comfort is where the Megamat shines. Its open-cell memory foam, which allows for its self-inflation, provides maximum comfort for you to lay your weary head when resting for/recovering from your adventures. When inflated, the mat is six inches thick to separate and insulate you from the ground below. It is thirty-two inches wide by six and a half feet long to accommodate even the tallest and lanky sleeper (like myself at 6’). This mat also replaces rounded corners with square edges allowing for a maximized sleeping surface. While I was unable to find the official R-value, the thinner Megamat 10 LXW boasts an R-value of almost 10. I would assume the 15 LXW to have equal or greater insulative value. I spent a few nights sleeping outside in Page, Arizona in sub-freezing temperatures with no insulation/warmth issues at all. Having slept on the Megamat 15 LXW for over a month, I can say it is significantly more comfortable than any sleeping pad I have ever used (and I’ve used my fair share). 


The Megamat line has either green on gray or red on gray color scheme. I tested the red on gray and really like the simple and bold look. The smart packsack and top of the Megamat also sport a light honeycomb print that adds to this mat’s modern appearance.   



One of the more challenging aspects of this mat comes with its extra weight and space. When packed, it is thirty-two inches wide and ten inches in diameter while clocking in at a few pounds. I’ve found this extra space in the trunk to be worth the extra comfort, but there is no getting around the fact it takes up lots of space. Leaving the Megamat 15 XLW at home if space and weight are a concern is probably the best choice.  

The thought of packing a sleeping pad is often accompanied with shutters and the feeling of doom. With other sleeping pads, I always think “how in the heck am I supposed to fit that in the stuff sack?” Luckily, Exped has eliminated this issue with its smart packsack. This sack allows the mat to be packed from the side rather than the top like a normal stuff sack. You just roll up the mat, place it in the sack, and close it just like a dry bag. Big fan of this feature. Nicely done, Exped!


The one-way inflation and deflation valves on the Megamat 15 XLW are great to keep air in when inflating and keep it out when deflating. While making it bulky to pack, the open cell memory foam with a high R-value is very worth the weight and space. The Megamat is a self-inflating 3D mat with a level sleeping surface from edge to edge. The included smart pack sack allows for easy transport and packing of the mat, even if not fully deflated. Now let’s delve into just how well these features perform.


In all honesty, I had no issues with function or performance with the Megamat through all my testing. It held up great and kept me comfortable and warm every night sleeping on it. It just fits length wise in most tents and in the back of my Chevy Blazer. I recommend rolling it out to let it start inflating, set up camp, then come back to top off the mat to your desired firmness. It does take 10-15 minutes for it to self-inflate. Storing the Megamat inflated (just like any foam sleeping pad) is recommended and will help shorten the inflation time.

If you have the space to tote the Megamat on your adventures, I would thoroughly recommend it. I slept on it on top of van rooftops, in SUV’s, in tents (REI Half-Dome), outside under the stars, and on the floor in my room. It worked great everywhere I used it and am excited to keep using it on future trips.


I am always exceedingly cautious not to pop my sleeping pad. Too many times have I searched unsuccessfully for the miniscule puncture that leaves me waking up in the middle of the night to a deflated sleeping pad. I am grateful to say that Exped has done a great job in the construction of the Megamat. It has held up well so far and have not had any issues with durability. I would not sleep directly on rough ground with the Megamat, just like any inflatable sleeping pad, but it should last a long time if taken care of well. 


Friendliness to the Earth

Exped strives to uphold environmentally friendly practices and procedures as well as ethically sourcing all their materials. 97% of the Exped range is made from fabrics that are Oeko-Tex® and/or bluesign certified. Their entire product line is 100% BPA free and uses no flame retardants such as bromine or phosphor. They use a minimal amount of packing material that is made of recyclable, glue-free cardboard or they use reusable zippered pouches. For more information on how Exped strives to be Earth-friendly, find more info here.

The Final Word

The Megamat 15 LXW has been a gamechanger for how I sleep in the outdoors. Its comfort far exceeds any sleeping pad I have slept on and am impressed by its ease of use. This comfort does come at the cost of greater size and weight, which has been the only downside I’ve experienced using it. Exped has truly changed the game of outdoor sleeping. 

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