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The Five Ten Eddy Pro water shoe is a lightweight, well-drained piece of footwear that is paired with Five Ten’s fantastically sticky Stealth rubber to give you the confidence to scamper around the wet rocks without feeling like you are holding water. Whether you are boating Gore Canyon or cruising the Colorado on a paddle board, the Eddy Pro will give you the confidence to put-in and take-out safely.

Fit and Size

I wear a size 11 ½ shoe and these fit great: my toes were hitting the front of the shoe but weren’t curled or cramped. I enjoyed that extra snugness to keep my feet from sliding around as I was precariously perched on seaweed covered rocks on the coast of Washington. I gave the shoes to a female friend while she enjoyed an afternoon booze cruise on the Colorado. She wears a women’s 11 and these were about a ½ a size too big.


The Eddy Pro is a high performing water shoe for any hydrophile. The shoe gives you confidence from car to the water and back home again. The stealth rubber soles might look like they will not perform but the off-grey color is simply due to its non-marking properties. Rest assured, the stickiness of Five Ten’s Stealth rubber is quite apparent on the Eddy Pro.

I got to visit the Center for Wooden Boats on Camano Island in Western Washington while wearing these shoes. I could put these shoes on in the morning knowing that no matter what the day brought I would be happy. Hiking up the steep, damp trails of Coastal Washington? Not a problem. Going tidal pool hunting at low tide? The seaweed covered rocks will not pose a threat. Taking the wooden boat or paddle board out for a spin? You are all set. The shoes have a mesh upper, which adds drainage, of course, but the shoes also tote holes in the heel portion of the sole. These extra drainage holes help quickly move water out of your shoe and back into the river where it belongs.

The internal neoprene tongue is a great feature of the Eddy Pro: this makes the shoe more comfortable to wear barefoot by providing a bit of cushion and comfort to the bare bones shoe. The shoes are very basic, however. No insole (for obvious reasons) but no internal arch, either. This makes the shoes tough to wear for the entire day, especially if you are standing for long periods of time.


  • Sticky rubber soles provide confidence inspiring traction of wet and damp rock
  • Neoprene tongue provides extra cushion to the bare bones shoe
  • Extra drain holes in the heel of the shoe

Room for Improvement

  • The lack of arch support means the shoes are hard to stand in for long periods of time – this is crucial for the SUPers.

The Final Word

The Eddy Pro is a great water shoe for those that spend a lot time navigating rocky terrain and want the extra confidence that the stealth rubber provides. They perform much better than the typical water sandals that are on the market by giving the wearer more stability, support and traction.

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