ProView – GOREWEAR Fern Flow Mountain Biking Shorts Review

Calling all rad mountain biking ladies! Get ready to discover the ultimate shorts for your mountain bike pursuits. Designed to elevate your adventures, these shorts are a game-changer for any woman who loves to bike!

After trying these shorts, I’ve said goodbye to old favorites. There’s a new pair of shorts at the top of the drawer!  Sorry my old friends, but you’re at the back of line now. My new favorite MTB shorts are the GOREWEAR Fern Flow Shorts. Why would I send those cute printed ones to the back of the line? I’ll tell ya. 

GOREWEAR Fern Flow Mountain Biking Shorts

Product Name: GOREWEAR Fern Flow Mountain Biking Shorts Review

Product Description: Rugged and lightweight trail shorts with extra spray protection.

Offer price: $130 MSRP

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Look/Style


Finally! A pair of women’s mtn bike shorts that have adjustable fit, look great, and don’t skimp on features (women need zippered pockets too!). All my other mountain bike shorts have gone to the back of drawer, and probably won’t be seeing the light of day.



  • Adjustable waist
  • Great pocket placement
  • Great breathable material


  • Available only in basic, boring colors (but black goes with everything!)

I live in Whitefish, Montana – a nickname for the state, Big Sky Country. But in these here parts, I like to say, welcome to BIG THIGH COUNTRY. That’s right! I have big thighs. For as long as I can remember, it’s been a struggle to find the right gear without sacrificing fit. Or getting gear that looks stylish and cute, but doesn’t fit right or doesn’t have great features. 

I often find myself in the men’s section just to find pants big enough for my thighs, long enough for my arms, or hey – gear with actual pockets (hey manufacturers, here’s a hint – I don’t bring my purse mountain biking and would love pockets because I need at least 3 different snacks/ ride). 

Enter GOREWEAR. Honestly, a brand I would not pick up had I not been offered a chance to gear test them. 

To thoroughly test the GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts, I embarked on a variety of mountain bike rides. From challenging pedals to intense down pours, I pushed the limits of these shorts in different rides and weather conditions. I even crashed my bike a couple times while wearing them for ya so you don’t have to! 


The GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts excel in providing an impeccable and customizable fit and unmatched comfort. My absolute favorite part is the adjustable waistband with silicone grips and velcro tabs. That way, I was able to get a size big enough for my thighs, and then could adjust the fit to my waist accordingly. The second best part is the incredibly stretchy fabric which allows for unrestricted movement (especially getting on and off the bike). 


When it comes to style, the GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts deliver. With their sleek and modern design, these shorts strike the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. They are definitely a big on the longer side of women’s mountain biking shorts, but I like a longer fit. The blue and black are basic colors, but I love a basic black because it goes with everything! Plus when you get muddy, you look badass. 


The GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts are packed with thoughtful features that cater to the needs of active women (high five GOREWEAR for the pockets!). From strategically placed pockets that fit an iphone, every aspect of these shorts has been carefully designed to give you just enough storage, but still feel light weight and breathable. 


These shorts are impressively lightweight, allowing for effortless movement and minimal bulk. 


Sweaty when you ride? Me too. Their moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable, even during intense uphill pedals. The integrated ventilation zones enhance breathability, ensuring optimal airflow when the temperature rises. These shorts will keep you feeling cool and fresh throughout your rides – despite the wettest of weathers.


I’d say one of the most important parts about mountain bike gear is fabric and overall durability. These shorts are made to withstand the rigors of crashes, hitting trees, scraping rocks (which I do frequently) and still hold up. The zippers and fasteners are high quality, which I truly appreciate.  

Meeting Expectations

The GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts not only met but exceeded my expectations. Their performance, comfort, and durability were outstanding, making them an excellent investment for active mountain biking woman who is seeking reliable gear that performs exceptionally well… and fits… and looks good at the same time! 

Target Audience

The GOREWEAR Fernflow Shorts are tailored for any level of mountain biker who want a 1 short quiver, that looks good and has an adjustable fit. 

Friendliness to the Earth

GOREWEAR is dedicated to sustainability. While specific details about the Fernflow Shorts’ eco-friendly initiatives are not readily available, the company has a track record of implementing environmentally conscious practices and continuously improving its carbon footprint.

The Final Word:

I am 5 foot 8 inches tall and weight 165 pounds. My GOREWEAR shorts are a size Large 12/14. They have a baggier fit (which is what I prefer), but I can use the velcro straps to tighten/ adjust the waistband. 

My final recommendation to GOREWEAR is – make these in more basic colors. Give me a desert palette, a forest green, a moab orangy/red and I’ll buy ‘em all! Also turn these into a pant please 🙂 

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