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After having the chance to put the 1.0 version to the test last year, I eagerly jumped on the opportunity to try out the Distance Kit 2.0! A small group of us gathered to try out the updated bibs and jerseys as we headed out for an Outdoor Prolink x GOREWEAR collab ride. Our destination was the picturesque North Boulder, home to an extensive network of gravel and singletrack trails. The amazing Front Range views, endless singletrack, and quiet gravel roads made it the ideal playground to put the Distance 2.0 Kit to the ultimate test. We stopped occasionally for a quick snack and water breaks and shared our thoughts about the kit. After wearing this for a few rides, it’s obvious GOREWEAR has put in serious work to make some vital improvements on this kit. Overall, I am very pleased with my new go-to kit! 

GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey Review

Product Name: GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey Review

Product Description: Our most comfortable kit specifically built for longer distances.

Offer price: $150-$200 MSRP

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


A high-quality, true to size, comfortable, good-looking kit built for lengthy rides.



  • Buttery soft
  • All-day comfort
  • Sharp design


  • No bib pockets
  • Sleeves & legs were too long


This kit is designed to fit snugly against the body, offering comfort, enhanced aerodynamics, and effective moisture-wicking capabilities. Once fully kitted up, it genuinely feels like a second skin due to the softness of the material and the reduced number of seams. The most significant improvement for me was the complete overhaul of the bib straps. In the 1.0 version, the straps were flimsy and prone to shifting and rolling up while riding. However, the upgraded straps ensure a secure fit with evenly distributed pressure on the shoulders, while the mesh design enhances breathability.

I was also pleased to discover that GOREWEAR made an enhancement in the torso area as well. While the 1.0 version had a low cut in the abdomen, offering little support and occasionally leaving my belly partially exposed between my jersey and bibs, the 2.0 version has been improved by raising the waistline slightly in the front. This adjustment provides more support and creates a seamless appearance between the bib and jersey.


There’s no doubt that this kit looks sharp. The raw cut hem on both the jersey and bib not only adds comfort (see ya, powerbands!), but also enhances the sleek design of this kit. The available color options will surely appeal to all riders and are great for mixing and matching. The cut of the jersey sleeves and the length of the bibs were longer than my personal preference, but they do provide good coverage from the sun. Not only does this kit have a high-quality look, but it also boasts a high-quality feel. This streamlined design is impossible to overlook when spotted on singletrack, because, yes, it does look that good.


This kit comes packed with impressive features that enhance both performance and comfort. The improved silicone hem grippers ensure your kit will stay in place, preventing any unwanted riding up during intense rides. The kit also boasts the Expert Distance 2.0 seat pad, which offers great support and cushioning, allowing for long hours of riding without discomfort. Safety is prioritized as well, with reflective details that enhance visibility during low-light conditions. The mesh bib straps, designed as a single piece, provide excellent breathability and while staying securely in place. The jersey comes with extra large pockets, including a small zipper pocket, so you can load up on snacks and gear for a long day in the saddle. The collar is ergonomically cut, minimizing pressure points while adding a ton of comfort. While the kit exceeds my expectations in many aspects, it would be awesome to have some pockets added to the bibs for convenient storage during rides. 


All the thoughtful features that GOREWEAR has put together for this kit come together perfectly as soon as you hop on your saddle. When you’re out riding, both the jersey and bibs feel incredibly smooth and buttery soft against your skin. They move seamlessly with your body, whether you’re tackling uphill grinds or enjoying speedy descents. Just a heads up though, those Utility Green bibs have a knack for showcasing your hard-earned sweat, particularly in the lower back area, so it’s something to keep in mind. Despite the sweat showing through, these bibs are quick-drying so the sweat patch didn’t last for too long. Overall, GOREWEAR has absolutely nailed the high-end feel and look for this kit!


GOREWEAR has implemented some significant innovations to both the bibs and jersey in this kit, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 50% in seams. On top of the seam reduction, they have made major improvements to the bib straps and incorporated a chamois that ensures comfort throughout the day. As I’ve experienced with other GOREWEAR gear, I know this kit will hold up beautifully over time. 

The Final Word

The Long Distance kit seamlessly blends all-day comfort with a sophisticated look, making it the ultimate choice for long distance riders. GOREWEAR nailed it on the head with the look, feel, and performance of the Distance 2.0 Kit. Plus, it’s awesome that GOREWEAR took feedback from the 1.0 to take the 2.0 kit to the next level. 

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