ProView – GOREWEAR Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2-Zip + Jersey Review

I put these products to the test on my recent mountain biking escapades, and they proved to be reliable and comfortable companions. 

As an avid mountain biker and new beginner trail runner, I am well-qualified to put these products through their paces, as I sweat A LOT. I tested this kit in various different weather conditions of Whitefish, MT – ranging from sunny days to light rain showers to actual downpours. 

GOREWEAR Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2-Zip + Jersey

Product Name: GOREWEAR Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2-Zip + Jersey

Product Description: 1/2 Zip: The perfect mid-layer for a trail adventure in unpredictable conditions, reinforced in demanding areas with water-repellent, wind- and abrasion-resistant material. Jersey: A versatile, technical trail jersey that is lightweight, soft, and built to last.

Offer price: $60-150 MSRP

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Look/Style


The Gore Wear Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip Women’s and Trailkpr Jersey Women’s are high-performance outdoor apparel designed primarily for mountain biking, but honestly you could use them for just about any outdoor activity as they are both very functional layers! GOREWEAR nailed the fit! The fabrics are comfortable, breathable and durable and have a range of useful features. While I may not have chosen them off the rack for myself, I’ve a now confirmed believer in both! 



  • Excellent fit and comfort
  • Soft yet breathable material
  • Love the zippered pocket features!
  • Durable construction


  • I wish the jersey had more color options or even a print option
  • Not the most eco-friendly option


Both the Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip and Trailkpr Jersey offer an excellent fit that enhances freedom of movement. The arms are long enough for me (what a concept!). The materials used are soft and stretchy, ensuring a comfortable experience even during long rides. The ½ Zip in particular is one of my favorite new layers. I typically don’t buy things without a hood, but this is a whole new style that’s opened my eyes! The fabric is well placed to keep you warm at the core, but breathable under the armpits. The half zip allows for a quick cool off after a big climb, and I am a HUGE fan of the zippered kangaroo pocket. It’s not bulky, so it allows for a lot of free movement. I also appreciate quality zippers that don’t get stuck, it’s the little details that win me over! 


The Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip and Trailkpr Jersey boast a sleek look. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching – I love the forest green! I get compliments on it wherever I go, out to coffee, even playing golf. It’s extremely versatile. 


Both products have excellent breathability, which is key for a sweaty biker and trail runner like me. The Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip features a half-zip design, allowing for easy temperature regulation. The zippered chest pocket provides convenient storage for small essentials like keys or energy gels. It also has a rear pocket system that offers ample storage for larger items.

The TrailPR Jersey is your basic jersey, but I love the material. It’s super lightweight, and drys quickly after a muddy downhill. It’s basic, yes, but a basic you’ll want in your mountain biking closet. 


While the Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip and Trailkpr Jersey are not the lightest options available, they strike a good balance between durability and weight. They are packable enough to fit into a small camelbak or waist pack, which is great when you have variable weather conditions like we do. You might not need an extra layer on the climb, but you certainly will on the downhill! 


Both garments perform exceptionally well during mountain biking and trail running activities. The material placement is key on this thing and the designers did an excellent job! The Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip’s wind-resistant front panel provides protection from chilly gusts, while the back panel offers ventilation to prevent overheating. The Trailkpr Jersey’s moisture-wicking fabric is wonderful. Additionally, both garments dry quickly, which is advantageous for unexpected rain showers or sweaty workouts.


The Trailkpr Hybrid 1/2 Zip and Trailkpr Jersey are built to withstand all sorts of weather and conditions. The half zip is exceptionally durable and can withstand contact from branches, rocks, and falls (which happen often around me). After numerous rides and washes (I had to get a lot of mud off it), I noticed no signs of wear and tear, attesting to their excellent construction.

Product Expectations

Both products met and exceeded my expectations. They performed exactly as described by the brand, providing comfort, functionality, and durability throughout my testing period. The fit was true to size (I like a bit baggier in the jersey), and the features were practical and well-thought-out.

The Final Word

These layers have made it to the top of my mountain biking kit list! As a pair they are even more excellent, especially when biking and trail running in variable weather conditions. The ½ zip in particular is not really a layer I would have picked off the rack, but after testing it out, I’m a true believer in the non-hood half zip to keep you warm and cool at the same time. Highly recommended both of these excellent products! Nice work GOREWEAR! 

I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, 165 lbs, and I am wearing a Women’s size Large in both the jersey and the ½ zip. The jersey fits a bit baggier (but I prefer that style), and the ½ zip is a perfectly snug fit. 

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