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As I ascended a steep incline on my morning hike, my worries about falling fleeted with the wind, and I was able to enjoy the crisp sound of snow whisking and dancing around me. These shoes have gracefully and stylishly carried me through Colorado’s packed down snowy trails and up the Rocky Mountains with snowshoes. If you’re looking for a lightweight, waterproof, attractive, insanely gripped, comfortable shoe, the Salewa Alpenrose 2 Women’s shoe has all of your wishes in one.

Salewa Women's Alpenrose 2 Mid GTX

Product Description: Our Alpenrose 2 Mid GORE-TEX® is a dedicated women’s shoe with a specific, feminine design to provide waterproof, breathable protection for speed hiking and fast-moving mountain activities. It has a lightweight, agile, robust, mesh fabric upper and a GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort membrane for maximum comfort in changing conditions. It works to keep your feet dry in wet weather, but still allows moisture vapour to escape when you’re moving fast.

Offer price: MSRP: $189.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


If you’re looking for a lightweight, technical shoe that can be worn all seasons and just about anywhere, then this is the shoe for you!



  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • For varied terrain
  • Great grip
  • Sleek


  • May be uncomfortable for wider feet

Since receiving these shoes I can’t take them off unless I’m snowboarding or sleeping. They have become my all-purpose shoe whether I’m hiking steep grade mountains, snowshoeing, or doing projects around the house. Besides using these shoes to shovel snow at work, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, I have also been on numerous treks throughout Summit County, Colorado. If you’ve never been it’s the second coldest county in Colorado, but is also known for its many summits and is Colorado’s ski mecca. I took these shoes for a 1-degree Fahrenheit hike high in the Rockies and was able to focus on the beautiful evergreens and my surroundings instead of being taken away from the moment worrying about slipping/falling. Although not ice proof, when I have slipped, the placement of the grips aligned perfectly with the pronation of my foot and I easily caught myself.


After buying snowshoes this fall on a PNW trip and an unusually dry (snowless) Colorado winter so far, my main focus of snowboarding has shifted heavily to other winter activities. Instead of giving my board major core shots, I have picked up snowshoeing and the Alpenrose 2 shoes are making it possible. I am thoroughly impressed with the GORE-TEX waterproof outer layer when walking in the snow. My feet never get wet and even though I hike uphill most of the time my feet never sweat. In fact, they stay rather warm without my heated socks (which is a big deal for me). This is partly due to the agile mesh fabric Salewa added to create breathability. 

I also have been using these shoes to work on my winter compost pile. This involves heavy lifting, watering, and shoveling snow sometimes. My mind is at ease when I wear my Salewa’s as I confidently work knowing my shoes provide proper support.


First things first, no break-in period – hallelujah! The Alpenrose 2 Mid GTX is equipped with a well-crafted Ortholite footbed that made my plantar fascia very satisfied; AKA no inserts required. I wear a regular Women’s 8 for most shoes and the shoe fits true to that size. As a well-seasoned track and soccer athlete and ballet dancer, I had no idea an athletic shoe could fit so well. Some say “fits like a glove”, but this…fits like a SHOE. Cinderella’s got nothing on Salewa’s Alpenglow 2 model and neither does Bridget von Hammersmark (Inglorious Bastards). That being said, the fit is absolutely perfect for my foot, but as a boot fitter, I know not all feet come in the same shape. If someone has a wider foot, I am not sure how good of an experience they will have. If you have a wider than normal foot, it may be best to try this shoe on in person.


When I first unpacked these shoes, I said “Oooo” like a kid in a candy store! The color surprised me with its boldness yet humbleness. The mid-height shoe makes me look like a badass ready for an adventure anytime, and with a stiff upper it gives a fantastic support for such a lightweight shoe. I have also gotten multiple compliments from random people expressing their fondness of the shoe. 


Light as a feather, we walk together – harmoniously! 1 lb 7.5 oz. (per pair) 


I got to test these boots out in snowy winter conditions where ice and slippery snow is prominent. The outsole is constructed with various sized aggressive lugs intricately and thoughtfully placed. The design proves to be very grippy and the Pomoca rubber outsole can gain traction on just about anything! 

Friendliness to the Earth

Aside from ethically sourcing their textile products, Salewa is also cognizant and actively managing their share of animal welfare, chemical management, recycling & upcycling, microplastic fibre issues and their carbon footprint. Taken directly from the Salewa website, “The mountain world is not just a space where we and our customers like to move about. It’s also our home. As a mountaineering specialist, we feel it is our duty to minimize our impact to the environment and our carbon footprint as far as possible.”

Final Word

The Salewa Alpenrose 2 gets a 10/10 in my book for being a reliable, ‘keep you down to earth’ shoe. I am most impressed with the grip and waterproofness as they went beyond my expectations. I can honestly and easily say this is the best hiking shoe I have ever owned.

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