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I’ve had the same sleeping bag since 2014, and while it was once the apple of my eye, I’ve had more field days than I can count in that bad boy, and I’m long overdue for an upgrade. As a hot sleeper, I’m constantly sticking one leg out of the side of my sleeping bag to equalize my temperature, adjusting the zipper fifteen times a night, and generally just not sleeping super well because of all the commotion. When I caught a glimpse of the Sierra Designs Cloud 800/20 degree, I was hooked.

Sierra Designs Women's Cloud 800 Dridown 20 Deg

Product Description: "One of the best sleeping experiences of any bag we tested." – Backpacker Magazine

Offer price: MSRP: $329.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


I couldn’t be happier with this sleeping bag! It has features I’ve always wished for (foot ventilation specifically), and it’s kept me warmer than any other bag I’ve had.

I’m a hot sleeper, so I usually wake up frequently to adjust the zipper and let some air in. The zipperless design is the perfect solution for this, and makes the sleeping bag feel more like a down quilt that you can wrap yourself in. I absolutely recommend this to anyone in search of a lightweight, versatile bag.



  • Zipperless design
  • Foot vent is a lifesaver
  • Lightweight (perfect for backpacking)
  • Well made
  • Packs down super small
  • Love the colors!


  • Regular length could have been roomier (I’m 5’10”)
  • My sleeping pad doesn’t fit in the sleeve on the back

Given that this is the summer of COVID, I’ve made it my goal to get outside as often as I can (while always being sure to follow recreation and public health guidelines). When a friend told me he wasn’t using his backcountry permit to Woodland Lake, I jumped on the opportunity. My roommate and I packed up all of our things and headed to the Hessie Trailhead. This was our third backpacking trip of the summer, so we fell into a groove easily. 

The trail itself covers just over five miles of beautiful Indian Peaks Wilderness, and ends at Skyscraper Reservoir, the base of a peak with the same name. We opted for a late afternoon start, so we had the trail to ourselves. Smoke wafting from fires across the state made for an eerie golden hour hike, with half the sky above us a dark, stormy grey. 

As I mentioned, my first reaction upon un-packaging this sleeping bag was joy akin to a small child on their birthday, but my stoke only increased upon actually using it. Once we set up camp, I dedicated the rest of the evening to snuggling (an important part of every backpacking trip). I was not disappointed!


The Sierra Designs Cloud 800/20 degree down bag weighs in at 1lb 15oz, the perfect size for backpacking. It has a lower limit temp rating of 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which, for me personally, means I can use it most any time I need a sleeping bag without sacrificing warmth. The bag is filled with 800FP PFC-Free DriDown, with 15d Nylon ripstop for the shell and liner fabric. 


The Cloud 800 has a sleeping pad sleeve, which keeps your pad under you for comfort and warmth, and replaces unnecessary bottom insulation. I recently upgraded to a Megamat Lite 12, which unfortunately doesn’t fit in the sleeve. Given the warmth of the sleeping bag and the heft of my pad, this wasn’t an issue, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind as you’re working out your sleep setup. You can find all of the specs on the Sierra Designs website. 

The foot ventilation is easily my favorite part, because I love being wrapped in blankets at all times! It’s super easy to slip your feet in and out without disrupting how comfortable and warm you are everywhere else. The zipperless design creates the versatility I’ve always been looking for in a sleeping bag. 

The Final Word

The Cloud 800 very quickly became my favorite piece of gear — I love the colors and quality of the materials. Buy this sleeping bag and spend some time outside, I promise you’ll thank me! 

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