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Our Local Retail Shop Series highlights local gear shops and tells their stories. We chat with shop owners to find out what makes their shop unique and how they serve their local communities. 

Shop Name: Etna Creek Outfitters

Location: Etna, CA

Co-owner: Alison Pick

You can find Etna Creek Outfitters in the small town of Etna, CA. This small shop saw a need to provide more outdoor gear to their area and boy were they right! Not only are they helping PCT thru hikers resupply, they also offer a wide selection of outdoor brands to this Northern California area. If you ever find yourself in Etna, you’ve gotta stop by!

What’s the story behind Etna Creek Outfitters?

This little business of ours is run by myself, my mother, Meg, and sometimes my daughter, Aubrey. We created this shop in hopes to provide a place for locals, passers-through, and hikers to gear up for adventure. The building itself is completely remodeled. It has a bit of history behind it, having been a barber shop, a pizza place tied into the historic Avery Theater next door, a Thai restaurant, and finally a family burger spot, before becoming a gear shop. It’s a small footprint but we have packed it full of gear!

What got you and your mom started in the outdoor industry?

After spending a lifetime in the farming and ranching industry in Central Oregon on our ranch, and some time working for a local farmer here in Etna, it was time to try our hands at something new. We noticed the amount of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and hikers in our beautiful little valley after being here for 10 plus years. If someone wanted to pack up and venture into the mountains, they would have to travel quite a bit further to get gear and supplies first. So, we put our ideas together with dueling computers and hand notes for a few months and designed a micro, brick and mortar outdoor gear shop to supply those looking to continue on and add adventure to their lives.

What sets Etna Creek Outfitters apart?

For our little valley, it has been a long time since there has been a shop providing an extensive supply of outdoor gear. There has almost always been a spot in town that has provided small amounts of resupply items. So, we know being a shop that can outfit you from head to toe in Etna is pretty unique and special for our area. And with the PCT coming through our backyard and the abundance of local hunters and outdoorsman, it made sense to open a gear shop.

What type of customer do you cater to?

We cater to all types of customers looking to do smaller activities from swimming in the rivers or day hiking/hunting trips, to those wanting to set off on the trail for multiple days. Also we cater to the local hardworking people of the valley with clothing and gear that helps their job become a little easier or more comfortable.

What are some of your most popular products?

If we had to pick a few products that go out the door the most, I’d say fuel canisters, water filters, hiking shoes, sunglasses, and Darn Tough socks! Other products we carry are Gregory backpacks, MSR camping gear, Platypus water filters, Oboz footwear, and Mountain Hardware clothing, and more.

How do you support PCT thru hikers?

At our shop we try to support the hikers with trail and town info as it circulates, especially during fire season. We uphold the Darn Tough sock exchange, and we provide a pretty awesome back covered patio to chill on while they charge devices or repack after shopping. Lastly, we have Otter Pops in the freezer to help cool down in the summer heat!

How can we best support your gear shop and other gear shops?

We feel the best support for our little shop is getting word out that we are here and are ready to do what we can to help get you outside and exploring!

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