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When space is limited, whether its because you live in your van or because you hate having too many options, it is important to have clothing that works well and looks good for whatever situation you run into. The Adidas Stockhorn Fleece Hooded Jacket II is as versatile as there are syllables in its name.

adidas Outdoor Stockhorn Fleece Jacket II

Product Description: It's hard to beat the long-wearing, lightweight warmth of fleece for all-around outdoor wear. This fleece jacket can be worn on its own on cool days or layered under a shell in colder weather. A zip pocket on the arm keeps your keys or ID safe. A drawcord hem helps you seal out the cold and customize the fit.

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  • Quality
  • Fit
  • Functionality
  • Features


The Stockhorn Fleece Jacket II is a functional and stylish full-zip hooded jacket that is great to bring along on every adventure. There are not many negatives to this jacket once you get the sizing figured out. You will be happy taking it along on every adventure no matter the weather.



  • Comfortable and great fit
  • Easily used waist drawcord
  • Hood fits over a climbing helmet
  • Long enough body to stay tucked into a harness


  • Zippers seem cheap and/or not very functional

I spent the last two months using this jacket just about every day as a climbing guide and as my go-to daily jacket. We have entered the freeze or fry season and sometimes here in the Front Range of Colorado that freeze can be quite chilly in the mornings or while you are in the shade. It is obnoxious to tote around a large and bulky jacket for the brief amount of time you need it during the day. Or, realistically what happens is you get stuck wearing your jacket in a situation you cannot easily take it off (mid-pitch, mid-run, mid-ride). The Stockhorn is a non-cumbersome jacket for all your activities.


I grew to really love the Stockhorn because it is a jacket that allows me to move freely while still being warm enough to take the chill off. I spend 90% of my transportation time on a motorcycle and this time of year can be tough to decide what layers to use. This jacket did surprisingly well at 7 AM at 45mph to cut the wind. By no means is it windproof but it certainly does the job quite well. While hiking my dogs in the early morning or guiding in the shade, this jacket exceeded my expectations in warmth.

There is not much to the jacket, which means there are not a lot of bells or whistles. Two side pockets that zip, one arm pocket that zips, elastic hood and an adjustable waist are all you get. The side pockets are wonderfully large which means it can accommodate lots of items without feeling like if you pull one thing out it all comes out. The arm pocket fits lip balm or cash nicely. The zippers, though, are my biggest gripe. The front zip is plastic which gives it a cheap feel. Though, it does zip nicely and has a large and cozy garage for the zipper at the top when fully zipped. This is nice since it does have a high neck (hits me right at my nose). The side pockets are small metal no-show zippers that do not want to zip easily and often takes two hands (especially to unzip the pockets) in order to not put undue stress on the zipper. I hoped this would be fixed after a break-in period but so far, no change. The coolest jacket feature I have seen in a while is the adjustable waist. You have the standard pull cord to tighten the waist hem but to loosen it, there is an internal button in the hem that you pinch which releases the cord and allows you to loosen the hem. This is great because you can do it easily one-handed or with gloves on.


The fit and look of this jacket is something I am very pleased with. The sizing is a bit tough, though, due to the shape of the jacket. I’m 6’ 2” and 225 pounds and most of my jackets are larges but a large in the Stockhorn was less functional. It still zipped and wore nicely but it would not have been great to be active in while wearing. The extra-large fit perfectly. Be forewarned that the forearms on the jacket are slim which I like for a climbing jacket but it can be tough to layer under this jacket. They do make this jacket a great layer for something to go over the top. The Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ durable four-way-stretch material is truly stretchy, which pairs with the fit, makes this jacket a great climbing jacket. The material is soft and cozy. Enough so to wear it without a shirt on; you know, for all those times you get stuck with a jacket but no shirt.


The style of the jacket is slim and slick. So much so I got in embroidered with my company’s logos for a professional work jacket. It is highly functional for climbing in and looks great – it will become a company standard for our uniforms in the future.

Friendliness to the Earth

I cannot speak on the eco-friendly side of the jacket because the main Adidas Group website was down for maintenance every time I tried to look but Adidas does take a strong stance on human trafficking and child labor. All suppliers must sign an agreement that Adidas put together in order for them to work with the Adidas Group and it is enforced by a global inspection team that does more than 1000 announced and unannounced audits of their suppliers’ facilities.

Final Thoughts

The Stockhorn Fleece Jacket II is a functional and stylish full-zip hooded jacket that is great to bring along on every adventure. There are not many negatives to this jacket once you get the sizing figured out. You will be happy taking it along on every adventure no matter the weather.

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