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This spring I had the opportunity to put GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ to the test while biking throughout Colorado and Montana. I wore these Bib Shorts+ on 100-mile road bike days, 40-mile mountain bike days, and plenty of rides shorter than that.

GOREWEAR Long Distance Bib Shorts+

Product Name: GOREWEAR Long Distance Bib Shorts+

Product Description: Bib shorts with maximum support and a padded seat insert specifically designed for longer distances.

Offer price: $200 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


A true to size, no-nonsense pair of bib shorts.



  • Comfortable on long rides
  • Breathable


  • Nipple chafe
  • Legs ride up

GOREWEAR has specifically designed the Long Distance Bib Shorts+ for extended bike rides, so I felt it was my primary mission to test that out. The first ride I took these bib shorts out on was a 100-mile road ride outside of Missoula, Montana. It was hot, sunny, and sweaty, and it gave me an opportunity to see how GOREWEAR’s incorporated quick-drying materials function. In addition, spending all day in the saddle gave me a chance to test out how comfortable the Long Distance Bib Shorts+ are over the long term.

I was also fortunate enough to test out GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ on a long distance mountain bike ride. In early May I took a trip with some friends to the Buffalo Creek area in the mountains of Colorado. While there, we did a 40-mile mountain bike ride. Gusty winds, cooler temperatures, and even a few rain showers graced us on our ride. I found myself feeling thankful for the GOREWEAR Windstopper Cup Technology integrated into the groin area of the bib shorts.

In addition to these two rides, I have worn the Long Distance Bib Shorts+ while mountain biking at work, bike commuting to and from work, and on countless shorter rides on my mountain bike, road bike, and gravel bike. In about 6 weeks, I estimate I’ve put approximately 500 miles of wear on GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts.


Right out of the box, I thought GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ were comfortable. The padded cup area was immediately supportive and had an excellent level of padding. Some other padded shorts I own have only one large pad, but the Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have multiple layers of padding. This creates a more padded surface in high-pressure areas, and still provides cushion in low-pressure areas. On long rides, I found the bibs would create a small amount of nipple chafe. Tape or chamois butter helped alleviate this, but I was slightly surprised that GOREWEAR chose to place the bibs directly on top of the nipple line.


GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have one pocket in the small of the back. I could fit a few bars, or a phone in this pocket, but not much more. I almost never use the pocket on my bibs, so the size of the pocket does not matter much to me. I would love to see a thigh pocket in future versions of these bib shorts.

The overall function and performance of GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ was excellent. These bibs are some of the most comfortable bib shorts I’ve worn, and they stay comfortable even on 12-hour days in the saddle. In addition to comfort, GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ have proven to be durable so far. I have put over 500 miles of use on these bib shorts, and they are showing no signs of wear anywhere. If you’re marketing your bib shorts as being designed for the long haul, durability is a must-have, and GOREWEAR has met that standard.


I couldn’t find anything specific on GOREWEAR’s website, but GoreTex’s website has an incredibly in-depth, encompassing explanation of GoreTex’s environmental initiatives and goals. This page is full of GoreTex’s environmental updates dating back to 2014, major environmental milestones dating back to 1986, and current goals and initiatives.

Room For Improvement

Overall, the fit was good, but I found the silicone grippers on the shorts to be inadequate and the shorts would ride up occasionally. This didn’t create any discomfort, it just meant I needed to increase my sunscreen applications on my upper thighs.

Final Word

GORWEAR has once again demonstrated their understanding of how to create comfortable, highly-functional bicycle clothing. GOREWEAR’s Long Distance Bib Shorts+ will be your most prized companion on long bike rides due to their comfort, durability, and breathability. Aside from some minor tweaks to accommodate for small nipple chafing and the legs riding up, these bib shorts met my high standards for being an exceptional pair of bib shorts.

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