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This spring I hit the road with the GOREWEAR Spinshift collection – a three-piece kit designed to conquer unpredictable weather. From crisp mountain mornings to afternoon snow showers, I put the Spinshift Gore-Tex Jacket, Bib Shorts, and Long Sleeve Jersey through their paces to see if they could truly live up to my high expectations. As a cyclist who prioritizes both comfort and performance across various terrains, I was eager to see if the Spinshift could become my go-to kit for the unpredictable Colorado weather.

GOREWEAR Spinshift Kit

Product Name: GOREWEAR Spinshift Kit

Product Description: Our completely redesigned next-generation GORE-TEX Cycling Jacket: thinner, lighter, freedom-to-move comfort that’s waterproof as ever. Perfect for cooler temperatures, this long-sleeve jersey features a close-to-body fit and effective moisture management for daily training. Comfort you need, nothing you don’t. This durable, thoughtfully engineered compression bib short is your go-to for everyday rides.

Offer price: MSRP: $130-$270

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


Overall, the GOREWEAR Spinshift collection impressed with its ability to handle a variety of weather conditions while maintaining comfort and breathability. The focus on performance and sustainability makes the Spinshift kit a compelling option for serious cyclists seeking a well-rounded riding experience.



  • Exceptional waterproofing and breathability of the Gore-Tex Jacket
  • Supportive comfort of the Bib Shorts
  • Versatile Long Sleeve Jersey perfect for hot sun and crisp mornings.
  • Eco-conscious PFC-free membrane in the jacket


  • Gore-Tex Jacket durability could improve

My testing grounds for the Spinshift kit were the diverse landscapes of Colorado. For the four weeks I had to put this kit through its paces, I chased sunrises through the mountain passes surrounding Boulder, attempted to avoid afternoon sunburns, and tackled wind, hail, rain, and snow on my more inclement rides. With morning temperatures regularly dipping below freezing and afternoon temperatures approaching 70, I was able to test this kit in a variety of conditions. As a seasoned cyclist who has experimented with various brands and gear combinations, I approached the Spinshift kit with a critical eye, looking for a balance between functionality, comfort, and weather protection.


The Spinshift kit delivers a spot-on, close-to-body fit throughout. The jersey’s high-quality material feels smooth against the skin, while the bib shorts offer a supportive fit with a comfortable multi-layered seat pad – perfect for those longer rides. The Gore-Tex Jacket’s “body mapping” allows for exceptional freedom of movement without feeling restrictive. I especially loved that the Gore-Tex jacket was tight enough to prevent copious air flow to enter the jacket and create drag. However, layering underneath the jacket was tricky. Using a lightweight puffy jacket like my Patagonia Nanopuff created pinch points in my armpits. Layering with a down vest and leaving my arms free of insulation was much more comfortable and eliminated and pinch points. 


The Spinshift collection boasts a sleek and understated design. The jersey comes in a variety of fun colors, while the jacket and bib shorts feature a more depressed color scheme, with the option for a “Lime Yellow” (read: high-vis) color on the jacket . While the focus is clearly on function, the kit still manages to look sharp on the road.


  • GOREWEAR Spinshift Gore-Tex Jacket: This jacket’s standout feature is the next-generation Gore-Tex membrane. It’s impressively lightweight, breathable, and delivers exceptional waterproofing. Additionally, the eco-conscious PFC-free ePE membrane construction is a major plus. The jacket also packs into its rear pocket, creating a small, easily-stowable package.
  • GOREWEAR Spinshift Bib Shorts: The wide, comfortable bib straps and the multi-layered seat pad are key features for long rides. 
  • GOREWEAR Spinshift Long Sleeve Jersey: The jersey’s long sleeves provide essential coverage for cool mornings and descents and offers sun protection on hot days. Three large pockets in the rear and a fourth zippered pocket provides secure stowage for wallets or other small items. 


The Spinshift Jersey and Bib Shorts are lightweight and breathable, perfect for layering. The Gore-Tex Jacket, while impressively light for its capabilities, also packs down into a small package in its one pocket. I consider all three to be very packable and easy to transport or pack for multi-day trips.


The Gore-Tex Jacket truly shines in wet weather. During a heavy downpour, it kept me completely dry, while maintaining breathability throughout the ride. The Spinshift Bib Shorts effectively wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. The Long Sleeve Jersey’s close-to-body fit and moisture-wicking properties ensure a comfortable ride across various intensities. The rubber grips on the bib shorts and jersey kept both effectively in place throughout my rides. 


The high-quality materials and construction of the Spinshift kit seem built to last. After multiple washes and rides in various conditions, the garments have shown only small signs of wear and tear. The laminated “GOREWEAR” label on the bib shorts has begun to peel off. While this is not a deal breaker for me, I could see some owners wishing the product label was more durable. 

Who is this Product For?

The GOREWEAR Spinshift collection is ideal for cyclists who prioritize performance and comfort across diverse weather conditions. Whether you’re tackling mountain climbs, battling the elements on long tours, or simply extending your riding season into cooler months, the Spinshift kit offers a versatile and dependable solution.

Friendliness to the Earth

GOREWEAR takes a step towards sustainability with the Spinshift Gore-Tex Jacket’s PFC-free ePE membrane. This eco-conscious design reduces the jacket’s environmental footprint without sacrificing performance. As a professional firefighter, I am regularly exposed to cancer-causing toxins in my professional world. It is critically important to me that I minimize my exposure to harmful chemicals during my time away from work. Gore’s newest fabric that is free from perfluorocarbons is a great step in the right direction. Encore, Gore!

The Final Word

GOREWEAR Spinshift Cycling Kit: A dependable, all-weather performer that prioritizes comfort and sustainability.

Overall, the GOREWEAR Spinshift collection impressed with its ability to handle a variety of weather conditions while maintaining comfort and breathability. The focus on performance and sustainability makes the Spinshift kit a compelling option for serious cyclists seeking a well-rounded riding experience.

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