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Designed and tested in the Wasatch Mountains, Klymit products are all about quality, value, and comfort. The Maxfield 2-person backpacking tent is no exception. It is a Klymit product that will help make your time outdoors even more enjoyable.

For this product review, I tested the Klymit Maxfield 2-person tent on a quick excursion at one of my favorite locations on Buffalo Pass in Colorado. Read on to find out more about this lightweight, packable tent.

Klymit Maxfield 2 Person Tent

Product Description: The Maxfield 2 is a three-season tent offering an ultra lightweight structure without compromises. Designed to deliver comfortable interior space, revolutionary packability, and intelligently designed storage. Large vestibules maximize exterior equipment storage resulting in more useable interior space. Sil-nylon fabrics and premium aluminum hardware deliver maximum strength without sacrificing weight. Innovative roll style stuff sack ensures a clean work surface for tent setup and ease of repackaging. Fast fly capable.

Offer price: MSRP: $399.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Weight/Packability
  • Comfort
  • Durability


A lightweight, 3-season tent that aims to please by offering a unique and spacious vestibule design at a competitive price.



  • Lightweight and packable
  • Great rain fly
  • Ample storage space.


  • Non-intuitive setup
  • Not free-standing
  • Needs more tent stakes.

Overall, my experience using the Maxfield 2 tent was a good one. 

On the first couple of attempts setting up this tent, I had some difficulties. However, after becoming more acquainted with the setup, it became easier. You will see this reflected in the setup and convenience rating along with some additional feedback regarding tent stakes.

This tent has some great features and a superlight, packable design. Keep on reading below to find out more.

Set up and Convenience

I rated three out of five stars in this category due to the complexity involved in setting it up, the fact that it is not freestanding, and due to a limited number of stakes.

The first and second time that I set this tent up, I ended up scratching my head as to why it took so long to get the poles into the correct orientation. Although some of the straps are color-coded to match the poles, it is still way too easy to get it backward. When people are out on the trail and ready to set up camp, my assumption would be that most would rather have a tent that sets up quickly and effortlessly instead of having to think twice about the orientation of the poles.

I much prefer freestanding tent models as they can be pitched quickly and easily moved from one location to another. Most people rarely get the perfect pitching spot on the first try, so having the flexibility to pick up the tent and move it without it falling over is a big benefit. Nevertheless, there are valid arguments as to why non-freestanding tents like the Maxfield 2 should be used in the backcountry. Some state that they are more waterproof and windproof when staked correctly. They can also be lighter as well as easier to repair.

 At this price point, it would be beneficial to the consumer if the Maxfield 2 included an additional five tent stakes to make the rainfly setup more of a breeze.


Weight and Packed Size

At 4.2 pounds, this tent can surely be classified as a superlight design. Although it is not an ultralight or crazy light tent, it definitely has its place in the backcountry. It is for people who backpack, camp, and absolutely love getting outdoors. This tent is also “fast fly capable”, meaning that it can be setup using just a footprint, pole set, tent stakes, and the rainfly.

The tent includes an innovative Maxfield Mat which serves as a roll style stuff sack and can be used as a clean work surface during tent setup. The design is simple, yet very effective, and includes two end pouches with tie-down straps that the tent can be stuffed into when packing. This makes it easy to pack all of the tent accessories (including the rainfly) into a small, 19 x 6-inch package. This was my favorite part of this entire tent package.


With the rainfly on, a camper can stretch out the front and stake it to the ground in order to create a large vestibule for storing gear. This provides a spacious, 2.5 square feet of storage space without blocking access through the front door. Genius design!

Two interior mesh pockets also create quickly accessible areas to store smaller items while inside of the tent.

Last, but not least, the Maxfield 2 incorporates a three port ventilation design to optimize airflow and decrease condensation buildup inside of the tent.

All of these features provide a space that is both spacious and functional, creating a much more enjoyable experience while at camp.


At $399.95 MSRP, the Klymit Maxfield 2 tent is comparable in price to its industry competitors. The rainfly with a large vestibule also gives it a competitive advantage that offers more storage space than other tents on the market today.


When setting up this tent, perform the following steps in the order below:

  1. Unpack the tent and organize all of the components on top of the Maxfield Mat.
  2. Stake and tension the four primary corners then the remaining four webbing loops.
  3. Put together the pole system and insert the orange and gray pole tips into the corresponding webbing on the tent.
  4. Attach the snap hooks that are on the tent body to the tent poles by inserting the aluminum hardware.
  5. For the rainfly, lay it over the top of the tent poles and match up the color-coded webbing to the pole tips.
  6. Secure the velcro loops around the tent poles.
Here’s a quick list of features and specs, direct from the Klymit website:
  • Tapered tent design creates a spacious living area with a lightweight design.
  • Innovative roll style stuff sack ensures a clean work surface for tent set up and ease of repacking.
  • Large vestibules provide storage for all of your adventure gear.
  • Spacious front vestibule for quickly accessed items.
  • Interior access to rear vestibule.
  • Two interior mesh storage pockets.
  • Three port ventilation optimizes airflow, decreasing condensation.
  • Fast fly capable.


  • Mesh – 20D nylon mesh
  • Fly – 15D Sil/Pu Nylon Ripstop 1200mm 
  • Floor – 40D PU Nylon Ripstop 3000mm


  • Capacity – 2 person
  • Season – 3 seasons
  • Pack Weight – 4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg
  • Pack Size – 19 x 6 in / 48 x 15 cm
  • Trail Weight – 3.8 lbs / 1.7 kg  
  • Fast Fly Weight – 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
  • Floor Area – 29.3 sq ft / 2.7 sq m 
  • Floor Dimensions – 86 x 50 in / 218 x 127 cm 
  • Vestibule Area – 2.5 sq ft / 1.2 sq m
  • Peak Height – 44 in / 112 cm 
  • Pole Construction – Yunan Aluminum 7001, Eco Friendly Coating


  • 2 years

Klymit Maxfield 2 Tent: A lightweight, 3-season tent that aims to please by offering a unique and spacious vestibule design at a competitive price.

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