ProView – Mountain Hardwear Women’s Boundary Line™ Gore-Tex® Insulated Anorak

Contrary to popular belief, women don’t just want gear that looks “cute” – it should function and perform just as well as men’s gear. The Mountain Hardwear Women’s Boundary Line Insulated Anorak is a women’s jacket that is functional AND looks dang good. 

Mountain Hardwear Women's Boundary Line™ Gore-Tex® Insulated Anorak

Product Description: A parka-length pullover ski shell for hard-charging women in search of the deep on either side of the rope. The Boundary Line™ GORE-TEX Anorak utilizes industry-leading weather-blocking technologies in a unique, articulated anorak design, so you can make turns confidently without making sacrifices in your style.

Offer price: $450 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


This jacket has replaced my Black Diamond shell and has become my go-to for skiing in-bounds at the resort. I love the color, the fit, and it’s the perfect balance between heavy insulation and a plain shell. Adirondacks are back! 



  • Stylish, great color
  • Warm but has zips in the right places to cool off quickly
  • Great hood for helmet


  • Sleeves aren’t long enough on me
  • Not great for beacon access
  • Could use a few more pockets

I will fully admit, mustard yellow is my jam. When I saw the color of this jacket I was super intrigued, no pink or purple here. I decided to see if this jacket functions as well as it looks. 

You’ll typically find me touring in the backcountry as well as skiing in-bounds at the resort. I tested the functionality of this jacket for both. I run really hot when touring. It’s pretty common for me to have fully unzipped shell pants, and nothing but a base layer on. As I usually shed all my clothing within about four minutes of touring uphill. 

In the resort, I tend to keep my set up a little warmer. I paired this jacket with the Mountain Hardwear Firewall Bibs (which I highly recommend by the way), and on warmer days wore only a base layer under the jacket. Perfect combo.


Standing 5’ 9”, I have wider shoulders and much longer arms than usual gals. I typically will wear a size Large (large in Black Diamond mission shell for layering purposes), but since this jacket is more insulated than a shell, I went with a medium. The sleeves are not long enough on me (happens to me constantly), but I just wear gloves that go oversleeves. I’m happy with the medium, as it has a much longer length to cover the bum, and isn’t form-fitting or hugging your curves at all. 

If you have sunny days in the resort, I’d recommend sizing down from what you typically get. Keep in mind that putting a lot of base layers underneath makes it a bit tighter, but I can wear both a Black Diamond Alpine Start hoody or a Patagonia women’s down sweater underneath while still being able to move freely. However, it’s best for warmer days when you don’t need more than a base layer underneath.


Anoraks are back baby! I get so many compliments on this jacket, and I absolutely love the color. I love that the cut is pretty much straight down instead of hugging curves. I look like a baller. Because, let’s be honest – I’m here to shred, not to show off my curves. 


As much as I love this jacket, I wouldn’t recommend it for touring in the backcountry. Just the fact that it’s a pullover makes a couple of things difficult. Your beacon is not easy to access at all, and I found myself having to unzip the back, pull up the jacket on my belly, hold it with my chin and then get my beacon out. Not ideal for a rescue situation. I also found that taking layers off and putting back on just isn’t as convenient as a typical shell is.

Nevertheless, for resort skiing, it’s a gem. It’s insulated inside just enough, and has breathable fabric around the top part of the arms near the pits –  perfect for Colorado conditions. It also has a hidden pass holder on the inside of the left wrist. It works really well for scanning your pass. 

It also has a hood large enough to cover your helmet, and a really soft inner liner around the face. It comes up pretty high on your face and protects you from the wind very well. I frequently ski with the hood up around my helmet and I don’t feel restricted turning my head from side to side at all.

It has long pit zips in the right places, and the zippers glide really well. A lot of people comment on the zipper in the back and say, “what the heck is that for?”. I tell them it’s for quick pee access (especially with bibs), but really it works well for cooling down. 

I do wish there were more pockets on the jacket, but I do like the kangaroo pocket for snacks or an extra balaclava. I’m hesitant to put my phone in it, but I typically keep my phone in my pants pockets. 


This jacket is quality. And it should be at $450 msrp. So far in the four months or so I’ve been testing it, I’ve had no problem with zippers, which typically are the first thing to get stuck. 

The GORE-TEX 2L waterproof breathable shell fabric is fantastic and keeps me dry and warm. 

  • Fabric Body: GORE-TEX Stretch Plain Weave
  • Fabric Weight: 154 g/m2

It’s constructed well and I’ve seen no defects in quality whatsoever.

The Final Word

This jacket has replaced my Black Diamond shell and has become my go-to for skiing in-bounds at the resort. I love the color, the fit, and it’s the perfect balance between heavy insulation and a plain shell. Anoraks are back! 

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Jess Villaire is the Marketing Manager at Outdoor Prolink. You’ll typically find her out with her doggos skiing, mountain biking, hiking, SUPing, drinking beer, or rearranging furniture. Follow her on instagram @jessisupsidedown


  1. Serban S.

    Hello! May I ask if this anorak has a powder skirt? And it does not, then doesn’t its flared bottom ruin it? Thanks!


    1. Kelly Knauf

      Hey Serban! Thanks for your question. The Anorak does have a powder skirt!


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