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I got my first pair of SmartWool socks in 2007 (for free, like any respectable dirtbag) and have loyally bought their socks since then. I love wool socks- they wick sweat, they keep your feet warm when wet, they’re snuggly, they are sustainable with natural fibers, and they resist odor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve flirted here and there with different brands: a Stance pair here or a Darn Tough pair there. So, I was a bit skeptical when reviewing the Attain series of Wigwam socks, however, I love that they are thinner than wool socks but deliver the same performance because that gave my foot a touch more space to swell on those 50k days. The Attain series has multiple weights (UltraLight, Lightweight, and Midweight), features Wigwam’s patented Ultimax® moisture control and Repreve®, a recycled yarn from plastic bottles and comes in two silhouettes (Low, Quarter).

Wigwam Attain Socks

Product Description: Your workout game just got kicked up a notch. Not only does this lightweight low sock contain our patented Ultimax® moisture control, the sole is made from REPREVE®, a smooth fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Work hard and save the planet at the same time, all while looking fierce!

Offer price: $13-$20

  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Features
  • Quality


These socks handled the sweat built up over 30 miles of trail, remained odor free in my funked up Altras, kept my feet warm and dry even when snow snuck past my gaiters, was a perfect fit in my tightish cleats playing indoor ultimate, and uses recycled fibers made from plastic bottles!



  • Fit true to size
  • Don’t bag out
  • Seamless construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Come in different heights and weights
  • Blister free


  • Only pastel “female” colors
  • Could use more cushion on long run days
  • Don’t wick quite as well as all-wool alternative


While testing these socks, I was training for an ultra, in winter, in Montana, and doing a large chunk of my training on skate skis. Every early training morning I’d reach for my trusty SmartWools, worried about how the Wigwams would hold up to the 12 temperature, the constant lateral movement in my ski boot, the wetness. And you know what? They kicked ass every time.wigwam-attain-socks-review-dirtbagdreams.com



I’d go out in sloppy, majorly variable conditions: side-hilling on crust to gain 2300 ft, 50k of skate skiing on warm spring days, and long trail runs in freshly fallen snow. I’m not gonna lie, I always had an emergency pair of SmartWools in my run vest, and never once did I need to use them.


The socks run true to size. I lost a toenail one night but didn’t have any roughness, rubbing, or seams adding pressure to a sensitive area with these socks on my run the next day. Yay for seamless construction!



The midweight quarter socks were my favorite for skate skiing and paired nicely with my running gaiters to keep snow out. The lightweight/ midweight low socks were my preference for OrangeTheory workouts and trail runs.



These socks use Ultimax® moisture control and are made in the USA using recycled materials (seriously people, the yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles — love it).



The socks kept my feet warm when wet on a negative two degrees Fahrenheit ten-mile run and didn’t bag out or lose shape over time. They are perfect low sock to wear with my ultimate cleats. Also, no blisters!


I used the hell out of these and was constantly washing them with no piling or loss of elasticity. I never had any rips, tears, or any issue with durability. Also, these don’t collect my cat hair like some other socks do, which I consider a win.


Final Word

These socks handled the sweat built up over 30 miles of trail, remained odor free in my funked up Altras, kept my feet warm and dry even when snow snuck past my gaiters, was a perfect fit in my tightish cleats playing indoor ultimate, and uses recycled fibers made from plastic bottles.

Wigwams website can be a bit overwhelming because they make hundreds of different socks in a multitude of colors. If you are looking for a great all-around sport sock I’d highly recommend the Attain series. They may not be your first choice if you need extra thick cushioning for lots of miles but are great for just about everything else. These socks were able to keep up with my harsh training schedule and always remained presentable, ready for the next round of training torture.

I’ll still wear my trusty old SmartWools and I’ve even worked some Injinji’s and Balega’s into my repertoire depending on my mileage, but these Wigwams will for sure be making an appearance at my next ultra in September.


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