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These sunglasses are an instant comfort to put on. They didn’t feel too sporty and they were stylish enough to use around town while hanging out with friends. 

Zeal Optics Nucla

Product Name: Zeal Optics Nucla

Product Description: Whether you’re heading to the beach, a bike ride, or just hanging out with friends around town, Nucla is your partner in adventure. This medium-fit, oversized wrap features a Z-Lite thin injection frame, which injects microscopic air bubbles into our plant-based Z-Resin frame material, for an incredibly light sunglass that weighs less than an ounce, yet is incredible flexible and durable. It’s plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses are built for color, clarity and contrast, and to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays wherever your day leads. Nucla also features porous ProFlex rubber on the temple tips behind your ears and the nose bridge to keep them in place effortlessly, not to mention the introduction of adjustable nose pads to fit any facial features. While it’s built to perform on the trails and roads of life, Nucla never compromises on style so you can go from a run or ride to relaxing poolside without missing a beat.

Offer price: MSRP: $149.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The Nucla is a comfortable pair of sunglasses that I will definitely reach out and bring with me often. They look stylish and high quality.

Zeal Nucla are light, stylish, and comfortable sunglasses that’ll look good for many occasions. 



  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Great use of sustainable materials


  • Fit better to medium to large head size (not necessarily a con)
  • A bit on the wider side 

Five years ago I got Lasik surgery. The result has given me so much more freedom with my sunglasses choices. Even though it all went well, I can tell that my eyes are more sensitive to sunlight. So I have to wear sunglasses a lot to avoid getting a headache. It is the one Item that I always have with me. 


Picking sunglasses is always a tricky thing for me. I have a flat nose, very small nose bridge. A lot of wrap around types of sunglasses don’t fit me — they would just slide down the nose and sit on my cheeks instead. 

To my surprise, Zeal Nucla sits fine on my nose even though the nose piece isn’t as high as other glasses that fit me. It could be a little higher though since a couple of my friends with similar facial features said it slides down their nose. 

It’s a tiny bit loose but fit enough for non bouncy activities. I love to put my glasses on the top of my head, it keeps my hair off my face too. This model is a bit too loose to stay up reliably.


Zeal Nucla is pretty stylish, it comes in four different colors: black, plum, blue, and brown. It is an oversize wrap type of glasses. 


It comes with ellume polarized lenses and also rx ready if you need to use a prescription lens. Another notable feature is the Z light frame that gives an ultralight feeling. 


The Z-lite thin injection frames have microscopic air bubbles ‘injected’ into the plant base resin frame. With only an ounce of weight, it makes it feel like you’re not wearing anything.


For a wider face/head, I think the glasses will be good for all activities such as running or riding and not just for hanging out around town or relaxing around the pool. 


The glasses have scratch resistant hard coat frames. It also comes with a sunglasses hard and soft case.

Friendliness to the Earth

Zeal as a company believes in ‘Use less, Give back and Explore more.’ The frame is made of plant based material. The website also states that the company works on projects and partnerships that reduce environmental footprint and create social change. 

The Final Word

The Nucla is a comfortable pair of sunglasses that I will definitely reach out and bring with me often. They look stylish and high quality.

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