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The Thule AllTrail 16L is a form fitting backpack for every occasion. For a small woman, it can be hard to find a pack that does not look like I’m carrying a floppy sack on my back, and this one looks great!

Thule AllTrail 16L

Product Name: Thule AllTrail 16L

Product Description: We’ve taken the best of our outdoor know-how to bring you a versatile 16L daypack that can do it all wherever you go – out on the trail, in town, or on your travels.

Offer price: MSRP: $129.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Fit
  • Features
  • Durability


The Thule AllTrail 16L is a form fitting daypack for every occasion.



  • Great fit
  • Streamline yet functional
  • Patented ReTrakt™ hydration system
  • Blue sign certified product
  • Available in different sizes


  • Limited color options

It is starting to feel like spring and I am not ready to replace my skis with running shoes yet. I used this pack to ski in the resort many times. I am pleasantly surprised with how it fits on my back, and how much stuff I can fit into its tiny 16L space. I can fit my helmet or laptop (not at the same time of course) with a spare jacket, gloves, water bottle, and snack with no issues. 

On my first outing with the pack, I got stuck on the chairlift because one of the straps got tangled on the bar. But to be fair, once I did my due diligence of tucking all the loose strap it, it was never an issue again. 


The fit is excellent for me and it was so comfortable that sometimes I forgot that I had it on. It has a bit of padding on the back but not overkill — just enough to protect your back. 


There isn’t a lot of stuff hanging and flapping on the outside. I love the slim fitting and tidy look. It has two outside stretchy side pockets for small bottles although it surprisingly can fit a one liter water bottle too. The colors choices are classic for the Thule brand. Black or beige that lasts forever. 


If you like using a water bladder, the ReTrakt hydration system is a nice addition. No more tucking the hydration valve to stop it from flapping around or dirty valve from accidentally letting it touch the ground. It snaps to the shoulder strap easily and securely. There is also a compartment in the inside to hang the bladder. 

Another feature that is nice is the top compartment. It has two little pockets that fit my Insta360 camera, phone, secure hook for keys and big enough space for lots of snacks, phone, and a beanie. And if you are flexible enough, you can access this compartment without even taking the pack off. It’s not necessary but a cool flex while waiting in line for the chairlift. 


The Alltrail 18L is a no frills lightweight pack. It can even fit inside another pack if need be (it fit inside my laptop bag on travel day). 


This pack can fit a lot of things and it is comfortable, which are two key elements for a backpack. 

One day I had to bring my laptop to a ski slope because I had just one meeting for that day. I originally wasn’t convinced that I would be able to fit it all in. Well, it fits a 15 inch laptop along with all the cables plus jackets and gloves. It didn’t even bounce when I had to ski down to the base with it. 

Like I mentioned previously, if you are gonna use this in the resort, make sure you tuck all the strap to avoid it getting tangled with lift chairs. The waist strap is easily removable which I ended up doing since I didn’t feel the need to use them. 


The pack feels durable and sturdy. There are no loose stitches and the stretchy mesh pockets on the outside didn’t snag easily. 

Friendliness to the Earth

All Thule packs are Blue sign certified.

The Final Word

I found myself reaching for this pack while going out even when the occasion didn’t call for it!

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