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I tested the Spinshift GORE-TEX jacket, long sleeve jersey, and bib shorts during the late winter months while recovering from a running injury and was surprised by how functional and comfortable it was.

GOREWEAR Spinshift Kit

Product Name: GOREWEAR Spinshift Kit

Product Description: Our completely redesigned next-generation GORE-TEX Cycling Jacket: thinner, lighter, freedom-to-move comfort that’s waterproof as ever. Perfect for cooler temperatures, this long-sleeve jersey features a close-to-body fit and effective moisture management for daily training. Comfort you need, nothing you don’t. This durable, thoughtfully engineered compression bib short is your go-to for everyday rides.

Offer price: MSRP: $130-$270

Currency: USD

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The Spinshift kit from GOREWEAR is well-designed and lightweight, and lends itself to exceptionally comfortable daily riding. I tested the Spinshift GORE-TEX jacket, long sleeve jersey and bib shorts during the late winter months while recovering from a running injury and was surprised by how functional and comfortable it was. With an ePE (PFC-free) membrane and recycled polyamide materials, the Spindrift jacket optimizes performance with a lower carbon footprint.   



  • Ergonomic cut is streamlined and comfortable on a bike
  • Device/wallet pocket is easy to access with one hand
  • Bib shorts unclip in the back for bathroom breaks


  • A smaller pocket (for a key) or a clip would be a nice addition


The Spinshift jacket from GOREWEAR is very well tailored to an aggressive forward cycling stance with lots of room in the shoulders and sleeves and a dramatic offset hemline. The cuffs are lined with a soft elastic material against the wrist and a flat seam and the back of the hand, pairing well with gloves and a watch. All the internal seams are welded and taped for a smooth feel and the zipper is sewn onto the exterior of the fabric eliminating any chaffing that could occur against your chest when hunched over. The collar is a decent length and doesn’t scratch against your chin or the back of your neck. 

The GORE-TEX used in the Spinshift jacket features ePE (expanded polyethylene) as an alternative to traditional PFCs, (perfluorinated or polyfluorinated chemicals, fluorocarbons for short) and is a huge step forward in sustainability. Traditional PFC’s are chemical blends of carbon and fluorine, and are notoriously non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment (sometimes referred to as ‘forever chemicals’). The face and backer fabric of the Spindrift jacket are also 100% recycled materials.

The Spinshift jersey is soft, breathable and very form-fitting, made with 91% recycled polyester and some elastane. The drop hem construction closely matches that of the jacket, with a long back and short front to accommodate cycling positions. The material holds almost zero moisture and dries almost immediately with air movement when riding. 

The Spinshift bib shorts also include recycled polyamide (65%) and various elastane materials, with a shockingly comfortable seat pad, laser cut breathable Y-shaped shoulder straps and a laser cut hemline with interior elastic for a secure fit. The material is very soft, thin and smooth against the skin with very few seams or places that would rub. 


The jacket has one zipper pocket on the exterior back panel that is easy to reach with one hand and comfortably fits most devices/wallets/lite gloves etc. A small clip for a key would be handy if using this pocket for multiple items and retrieving/stowing during rides. The self-stuff pocket feature is neat, but the jacket itself is so light and packable it easily stuffs into the back of the jersey without much additional compression. The sleeve length was perfect for me and I enjoyed the cuff design – intentionally designed to be comfortable while riding (bent wrists wearing gloves). The hemline was a little short in the front but fit great while riding, and I had plentiful movement in the shoulders. 

The jersey has three back pockets that hold water bottles, layers, gloves and a zippered side pocket very similar to the jacket that secures a device or key. The tailoring again features a dramatic hemline that is quite short in the front and long in the back ensuring a streamlined experience on the bike. The full length zipper is supple and easy to adjust mid-ride with one hand. I found the fit of the jersey a bit on the short side, especially for a women’s L (I am 5’10” and usually on the fence between M and L in most outdoor/athletic brands). 

As someone who has always experienced some amount of discomfort in the saddle, I found the Spinshift shorts a game changer. The Y shaped straps are laser cut and hardly noticeable underneath the jersey, and disconnecting them is easy behind your back with a flat plastic buckle operable out of sight. The elastic grippers on the laser cut hemline didn’t ride up on me, and provide just enough grip without being uncomfortably tight or pinching. The shorts, along with the jersey are not very warm layers, and I found the need to layer over the shorts and wear the jacket on most days where the temperature was below 40 degrees. My usual size was a great fit. 


I tested the Spinshift kit for approximately 30 days total, wearing the individual pieces for approximately 10 rides of various lengths up to 1.5 hours. The jersey and bib shorts were washed 2-3 times according to the label instructions, and I experienced no durability issues. I did not wash the jacket, but wouldnt anticipate any issues. Long term durability exceeds the scope of this review.  

Final Word

The Spinshift jacket, bibs, and jersey are ergonomically and elegantly designed with an impressive sustainability record and just enough features to make them functional. 

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