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Updated December 2022

The pressure is on. We’re fully into December and the holidays are here. Warm up that cider, wrap that blanket a little tighter, and buckle in for a list of gifts under $35 you can share with all the favorite outdoors people in your life.

1. Sleep Aid for Big Days: Pachamama CBD Sleep Well Gummies

MSRP: $10.99

Shop Pachamama CBD Sleep Well Gummies.

These are an incredible gift for the intense outdoorsy human that uses the weekend to its fullest extent. If they’re ever mentioned the words, “Alpine start” to you, they need these! It’s a great way to drift off to sleep in your tent knowing the alarm is going to go off in just a few short hours.

Let’s be honest, us normal adventurers need help with sleep as well. So really, this is for every human on your gift list.

I would definitely recommend these for parents or athletes struggling to find that deep sleep they crave. The combination of melatonin and CBD leads to a relaxed and calm night of sleep.

Outdoor Prolink Pro Dave Summers

2. Socks socks sock: Darn Tough Hiking Socks

MSRP $21.00-$27.00

Shop Darn Tough on Outdoor Prolink.

Call us cliche, but socks are the most appreciated gift you can give. Every, and we mean EVERY, outdoors person needs socks. You really can’t go wrong. Take a look at what Darn Tough has to offer. They are lifetime guaranteed, and DARN comfortable. We really like the VanGrizzle Boot Sock with Mid-Level Cushion as an all around great hiking sock.

I would highly recommend investing (yes, investing) in Darn Tough merino socks based on the longevity of the product. They’re smell-resistant and comfortable, but most importantly you will need fewer socks if you have them. 

Outdoor Prolink Pro Ben Dawson

3. Coffee: Hikers Brew

MSRP: 4-pack for $15.00

Shop Hikers Brew Coffee on Outdoor Prolink.

Coffee may be an obsession of ours. It’s also an obsession of many adventurers alike! This coffee is quick to make and comes in plenty of different flavors for anyones taste. That early morning hike just got a little easier to plan. This is also great for the backpackers in your life. Lightweight and easy to make while on the trail!

Hiker’s Brew coffee is a clever concept. Easy to carry, lightweight, packs that keep grounds fresh on treks and road trips. The coffee is often very dark in roast and flavor. If you’re into fruity coffee this won’t be your perfect cup, but if you prefer dark, savory roast it fits the part.

Outdoor Prolink Pro Allie Fuller

4. Highlighter Running Belt: Ultimate Direction Comfort Belt High Beam Reflective

MSPR: $34.95

Shop Ultimate Direction on Outdoor Prolink.

While we are approaching the shortest day of the year, it feels like we will be in the darkness for forever. That doesn’t mean your outdoor buddy needs to sacrifice their running routine! Grab one of these belts and keep them extra safe on their late night or early morning jaunts.

Overall, I really like the Comfort Belt, and it has gained a solid place among my running gear that I frequently reach for. It’s stretchy (but not too stretchy), fits snugly (but not too snugly), and holds everything I need for a 1-2 hour run.

Outdoor Prolink Pro Alli Hartz

5. A Portable Cooking System: Primus Essential Trail Stove Kit

MSRP: $25.00

Shop Primus Cookware on Outdoor Prolink.

This little stove packs a punch! This is a wonderful item to have on hand for any adventure. It pairs very well with the Hikers Brew coffee from above. This gift is so small it packs into a water bottle holder easily. This is a no-brainer for an adventure friend that heads into the backcountry.

The simplicity of the Primus Essential Trail Stove makes it a great candidate for beginning hikers and people who want a no-fuss cooking gadget. While not made for long-distance through-hikers, the stove holds its own as a back-to-the-basics piece of equipment with simple usability.

Allie Fuller

Stuff these gift in stockings, exchange them over candles, give them to a friend for no reason at all! These are all incredible gifts that wont break the bank. Share the cheer and leave some suggestions of other low dollar gifts below.

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