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Do you also recall the day you found out there were goggles that existed where you could CHANGE the lens? Albeit it was many years ago, but for me it was revolutionary. Now, the system has been so perfected I am outraged if goggles don’t have this feature. The Bern B-1 goggles have such a refined and easy lens changing system, every other goggle needs to follow suit!

Bern B-1 Goggle

Product Name: Bern B-1 Goggle

Product Description: Optimal visibility and next level style, the B-1 Goggle was designed to work in unison with your low profile Bern lid. The B-1 Goggle comes locked and loaded with two interchangeable Zeiss lenses, hooking you up with maximum clarity in all conditions. Each lens is fit with a quick-change mag strip and Zeiss’ Sonar Technology so you can swap lenses faster than the conditions can change. See for yourself why the B-1 Goggle is the ultimate winter accessory for your Bern lid.

Offer price: MSRP: $225.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


Bern’s first foray into goggles was a success! The lenses are high quality, super clear, and great in all conditions. I highly recommend checking out Bern’s new goggs.



  • Fast lens change
  • Fits with the Bern Helmet
  • Comfortable


  • Doesn’t come with protective hard case

Over the years I’ve become extremely comfortable traveling through the backcountry. I’ve used many different types of goggles over the years, often switching out even in one day. I really enjoyed using the Bern B-1 Goggles, and especially liked that they fit so well with the Bern Hendrix Carbon Helmet.


When it comes to performance, the Bern B-1 Goggle does not disappoint. The lenses are incredibly clear and provide excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They also do a great job of reducing glare. They fits comfortably over my helmet and sit nicely under it, no gape here! The ventilation system helps to prevent fogging, but not completely. If you’re working hard uphill, make sure to throw ’em on your head every once in awhile to cool off!


The Bern B-1 Goggle is very comfortable to wear, which is important when you’re spending all day on the slopes. I have bigger cheeks which often pushes goggles away from my nose bridge. These fit nicely over my face and keep the breeze out while I’m cruising!


The Bern B-1 Goggle is stylin’ (do the kids say that?). They come with two different Zeiss lenses that are fit for super sunny days or low light/cloudy days. They are also made from a durable, scratch-resistant material that is designed to hold up to backcountry brambles.


I’m loving how easy these goggles are to use. Switch out those lenses anytime, it’s fast and simple. The lenses are clear, the strap is comfortable, and they feel nice across my face. They fit nicely with the Bern Helmet. I’ve actually never had a goggle and helmet from the same company and it’s incredible to have them work together so nicely.

The Final Word

Bern’s first foray into goggles was a success! The lenses are high quality, super clear, and great in all conditions. I highly recommend checking out Bern’s new goggs.

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