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The Major Bike Helmet from Bern keeps me safe while providing some sun protection and airflow to keep me cool — while looking cool!  It fits perfectly and I adore the matte orchid color.

Bern Major Bike Helmet

Product Name: Bern Major Bike Helmet

Product Description: Looking for a commuter helmet that won’t jack up your style? Meet the Major, Bern’s business-casual commuter solution. The Major features our signature low-profile style, protection and comfort. Designed with 14 luxurious vents, it’s a lightweight package fit for urban adventure. With MIPS, our patented flip visor, and a brand spankin’ new Compass Fit system, the Major is the perfect lid for your next hot lap through the city or Sunday spin through the suburbs.

Offer price: MSRP: $129.99

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


True to size, pretty color, lightweight but durable!



  • Great airflow,
  • Comfortable
  • Fits perfectly


  • Price may be prohibitive for some

I will admit, I used to forget to wear a helmet while biking unless I knew I would be riding on the road most of the time. Since getting an e-bike last fall, though, I realized that zipping around town all of the time could be dangerous if I don’t wear the right protection.  I had a cheap bike helmet from a department store, but it didn’t look great and I would still usually forget to wear it.  I decided to try this Bern helmet because it looked like it was a high quality helmet with good airflow. It has 14 large air vents!  Pink is not normally my favorite color, but for some reason I was drawn to the matte orchid color and it looks even better in person because it is not too bright.

When I received the helmet, the box was so light I wondered if there was anything inside!  I was impressed by the minimal but sturdy packaging that was mostly cardboard and tags with string.  The helmet fit my head perfectly and comfortably, so I didn’t need to do many adjustments to the straps.  This helmet looks very durable and even though it is lightweight, it contains a MIPS layer and earned a 5-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, so I know it will offer great protection for my cranium.


I first took this helmet for a spin on my e-bike for about an hour.  It was very comfortable and I could feel the air flowing through the vents, which kept my head cool and I was not sweaty at all! Being a redhead, I am very sensitive to the sun, so I appreciated the visor that kept a bit of sun out of my eyes and off of my forehead without blocking my vision.  

I’ve also been getting into roller skating lately, so I decided to wear this helmet to a roller skating class I’ve been attending this summer.  I had purchased another cheap helmet from a department store for skating, but it is quite heavy for a helmet and doesn’t have many air vents.  Wearing this Bern helmet during skate class was very comfortable and lightweight, so I was able to focus on learning to skate rather than adjusting my helmet or feeling too hot.  I definitely still had a sweaty head afterwards, but I don’t think that can be avoided when I’m skating in the Colorado summer heat outside!

Friendliness to the Earth

It’s a little difficult to say how eco-friendly this helmet is.  There is not much on Bern’s website about whether they are doing anything to help the environment, but they do have a “dealer locator” tool on their website where you can buy one of their products locally rather than having it shipped to you.  I ordered mine to be delivered to me, and I was impressed with the minimal packaging.  There was some plastic and styrofoam to protect the helmet, but it was mostly cardboard and a few tags that were attached by string.  Since it is an item that I will hopefully get at least several years of use out of, I believe it is pretty eco-friendly because it doesn’t create any waste and I won’t be throwing it in a landfill any time soon!

The Final Word

I have since worn this helmet during several bike rides and roller skating sessions, and I know that I will be using this helmet for years to come.  I hope that I never have to test out how much it protects my head, but I love having the peace of mind that my noggin will be protected if anything were to happen to me while I’m out biking or skating.

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