ProView – Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 Original Chair

This chair is a great addition to my collection of camp chairs! By no means does it replace the Original Crazy Creek or other camp-style chairs. Instead, it is a lightweight option for when the amenity of a chair is desired. 

Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 Original Chair

Product Name: Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 Original Chair

Product Description: Our most packable and lightweight chair for anywhere you want a seat! These chairs are excellent from day hiking to backcountry excursions, also perfect when space is a factor like traveling and boating. Rolls up to about 4" diameter x 16" in length. Easily fits inside our outside your backpack.

Offer price: MSRP: $64.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Packability


At 21 ounces, this new Crazy Creek chair is designed to be small and lightweight. A stadium style chair much like the Original Crazy Creek with added roll strap and hanging loop to allow for easy packing. 



  • Light weight
  • Very packable
  • Adjustable
  • Extra strap that original does not have


  • Not a full-size chair (but isn’t that the point)
  • Its not that much lighter or smaller than the Original Crazy Creek
  • Funky pattern can irritate bare skin

I received my new Crazy Creek Hex2.0 towards the end of the summer. With a river trip, bike pack trip, and prepping for hunting season just around the corner, I couldn’t wait to put the new chair to the test. I already own a few of the original Crazy Creek chairs that I have used on river trips, backyard socials, sports events and even used them to assist in adaptive sports. It was not until I saw this lightweight version of the crazy creek that I thought about bringing it on a backpacking trip. 

Testing Grounds

The first adventure the Hex2.0 embarked upon was a week-long trip down the Salmon River.  The chair functioned the same on this trip as the Original Chair by Crazy Creek. It folded up well, was easy to whip out in the evening around camp, and functioned as well as the Original Chair. The only complaint came from some of the women who said that the pattern irritated their legs when they sat on it with wet/bare legs. The chair got waterlogged multiple times and never showed any damage or wear. 

Next, was bike packing on the Continental Divide Trail. With the idea that this chair was built for backpacking, I figured bike packing would be the ultimate test to see if this chair really packs down and is light enough for backcountry adventures. The ability to roll the chair up came in very clutch as I was able to strap the chair onto my rear saddle bag. This was not the most convenient because it bounced a lot as I rode, but bags tend to move while rolling down the trail. For this trip I learned that the Hex2.0 was very convenient to pack, and much easier to pack than other chairs, however I had to ask myself on this trip, “was a chair really needed?”. Because it was a simple overnighter and space was available, I don’t regret bringing it along, but it might not make the packing list on future expeditions. 


The Hex2.0 accompanied me on several day hikes as well. Most of these hikes were scouting missions for this falls upcoming hunts. The chair was easy to strap to a pack, whether big or small, and was quite comfy when we would be miles from the road and our backs and legs were soar from hiking. It was easy enough to set up and take down that I got it out almost every time we stopped for a snack or just sat and glassed. Even if the backrest was not set up, just sitting on the pad is nice. I even unbuckled the whole chair and opened it up so that two people could sit on it at the same time. 

At the end of all these adventures the chair was still used on the tailgate and around the campfire. It even got use at home in the backyard and turned into a great concert chair that I could wrap around my bike frame and take with me around town. 

All in all, this chair is great, but its also nothing more than a chair. I don’t often bring chairs on a lot of adventures, but this chair might start making it onto more adventures because of its ease of packing. 

Some important things to remember:

  • This is not a luxury camp chair. You lose some comfort when you make the chair packable. 
  • Chairs in general are a luxury. I normally don’t bring any chair when I am trying to pack light. This chair is wasted space and weight when you are counting ounces. 
  • The only big difference between the Hex2.0 and the Original Crazy Creek is the ability to roll the chair up. 

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Bryson is a full-time firefighter/paramedic who also works in a variety of outdoor professions including ski and bike instructing, adaptive sports, and student guiding. When Bryson is not working one of his many jobs, he is living out of his truck that takes him on outdoor adventures all around the beautiful state of Utah.

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