5 Favorite Women’s Adventure Jackets

With the pandemic still brewing around us, the outdoors feels like a safe place where social distancing and fresh air are already top priorities. As we head into a new season, take a look at our favorite jackets that have kept us warm and active thus far.

1. Cotopaxi Women’s Fuego Down Jacket

The Most Versatile

If you’re looking for the jacket that should always be in your pack — you’ve found it. Great for hikes, ski trips, and ghost stories around the campfire, this jacket is a workaholic with one goal, keep you warm! Bonus points to Cotopaxi for using sustainable materials and working toward more eco-friendly apparel.

I took this jacket on evening spring backcountry ski laps, on hikes up 13- and 14,000 foot peaks, and on a river trip for hanging out at camp in the evening. The Fuego jacket performed well in each of these scenarios and I was impressed with its windproofness on high peaks, coziness for just hanging out around a campfire, and comfort in a range of temperatures and conditions. 

Kelly Greene, Ski Patroller

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2. Sierra Designs Women’s Tepona Wind Jacket

The Best For Mud Season (Spring and Fall)

The Tepona weighs 3.5 oz but fights well above its weight class. This jacket is perfect for transition seasons when you never know what the weather has in store. Throw it over your puffy for some extra wind protection on the top of at 14er, or keep it on during a chilly morning mountain bike ride. Fair warning — this isn’t a rain jacket, but that means you’ve got extra breathability!

I also love how durable the fabric is and was honestly surprised by how well it withstood slashing against trees and bushes beside the trail while mountain biking here in Park City.  I really can’t think of any negative qualities of the Tepona Wind Jacket.  An area of improvement might be adding two more pockets in the front for added storage and a wider range of color options would also be nice.  I would honestly give the Sierra Designs Tepona wind jacket a 5-star rating.  I am looking forward to allowing Sierra Designs’ gear to support me on many more adventures to come.  

-Bethany Stivers, Gear Head,

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3. Mountain Hardwear Women’s Super/DS Stretchdown Hooded Jacket

The Best Active Insulation

This is the perfect jacket for when you don’t have time to transition between layers multiple times. Whether you’re a guide who’s attention is on their students, or zero’ed in on your objective, this layer will let you dump heat while still keeping you warm. Active insulation is a sought after unicorn in the outdoor world, and Mountain Hardwear nailed it.

The last few days that I wore this jacket, the morning started in the 30s and got all the way up to balmy mid-40s. The days were cloudy, and they were windy, VERY windy. I was thrilled to have the Hooded Jacket on. The wind never cut through to my core. When I put the hood up and turned my back to the wind, I stayed comfortable and warm, if not a little upset with working in such poor weather. So far, I have not noticed any durability issues -and I have been wearing this jacket every day, either at the crag or around town.

-Mollie Bailey, Rock Climbing Guide

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4. Outdoor Research Women’s Helium Rain Jacket

Best for Wet Conditions

How many times have you thought to yourself, next season, I’m going to get a really nice rain jacket? Usually, it’s during a downpour. Don’t wait for the next big storm to grab this one. At $160, it’s a solid contender in price and function to others on the market. Also, puppies love it.

I love this jacket! It’s lightweight, packable, and waterproof. I love that it has a phone pocket, fits well, and has a rigid hood. I would recommend this product to people who want to get on the trail, maybe trail run, or have a long backpacking trip and want to keep their weight down. 

C.J Munro, Wilderness Therapist

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5. Cotopaxi Women’s Monte Hybrid Jacket

The Best Combo of Form and Function

It’s warm without being restricting, and stylish, without losing function. Polyester isn’t always our favorite, but knowing that the shell and lining are made from 100% recycled polyester, and the insulation is 59% recycled polyester make it an easy choice. This jacket is a great pick for galavanting in the mountains, then heading straight to town for a movie on the lawn.

The Monte Hybrid Jacket is a stylish and practical addition to my active and casual wear. I plan on using it throughout the summer for hiking, backpacking, fishing, and just plain hanging out. I predict it will transfer nicely to winter sports as a great mid-layer for resort snowboarding and outer layer for more high output activities like cross country skiing and backcountry snowboarding (although I would supplement it with a waterproof layer during storms). I’m looking forward to bring this jacket on many adventures to come.

-Roxy Dawson, Author Falcon Guidebooks

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Whether you’re out for a simple cross country ski or a full day trip to your favorite couloir, keeping warm, dry, and your temperature regulated is a top priority. Oh, and having fun. Get out there!

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